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Archive for March, 2011

Swapping Heads with Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011

By Bill Kulterman on March 30, 2011

Windows Live Photo Gallery is a free tool available through Windows Live Essentials 2011 that allows you to edit photos and swap heads with a feature called Photo Fuse. This article shows you step-by-step how to download and install Windows Live Photo Gallery and user Photo Fuse with your own photos.

How to Choose the Right VoIP Connectivity Solution

By Stelios Antoniou on March 30, 2011

Ready to make the move to VoIP? Learn about what the different VoIP connectivity solutions entail and which VoIP solution is right for your organization. We’ll examine simple VoIP connectivity, traditional PBX connectivity and IP PBX integration in your VoIP solution.

Last Chance To Take Our IT Certifications and Skills Survey and Win an iPad

By Kasia Lorenc on March 29, 2011

Have 5 minutes to spare? Then take our IT Certifications and Skills Survey and you might be a proud owner of a brand new Apple iPad.

The New MOS: Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications for Office 2010

By Abhinav Kaiser on March 28, 2011

Technical skills in the area of Microsoft Office do matter, even if they’re not your primary job requirements. Validating those skills with the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certifications can help you show that you’re serious about your work and career.

Pluralsight in India

By Aaron Skonnard on March 23, 2011

Over the past several years, Pluralsight has transformed itself into one of the leading providers of online training for Microsoft developers. Along the way we realized that, for a variety of reasons, our On-Demand! training library is a perfect fit for many of the IT companies found in the India region, whether small or massive in […]

How to Join a Mac to a Windows Domain

By Eric English on March 23, 2011

More and more organizations are utilizing both Mac and Windows computers, which requires joining the two plaforms under a single domain. In this article you’ll learn how to join a Snow Leopard Mac to a Windows Server 2008 domain.

How to Save Documents to the Web with Office 2010 and Windows Live SkyDrive

By Bill Kulterman on March 23, 2011

A new feature in Office 2010 allows you to save your Word documents, PowerPoint presentation, Excel spreadsheets and even your OneNote notebooks to the web so you can easily access your important files from anywhere. Let us show you how to save your documents to the web with Office 2010 and Windows Live SkyDrive.

New Training Release: VMware vSphere PowerCLI Training

By Kasia Lorenc on March 22, 2011

PowerCLI is a powerful tool that allows you to automate your vSphere management tasks and get more things done through the command line. Our new VMware vSphere PowerCLI Training is an all-in-one PowerCLI course that’s perfect for admins who want to master vSphere automation quickly.

Top 10 VMware VCP Study Resources

By David Davis on March 21, 2011

The VMware Certified Professional (VCP) is VMware’s longest running and most popular certification with over 50,000 certified professionals. Learn about the VCP exam details and some great VCP exam resources that will help you get the VCP.

Free Second Chance for the VMware VCP4 Exam!

By David Davis on March 21, 2011

Working on getting your VMware Certified Professional? Then take advantage of the free second chance offer on your VCP4 exam. This way if you don’t pass the VCP4 exam on your first time, VMware will allows you to take the exam again at no charge, saving you $200 on the retake.

How to Prepare Your Network for VoIP

By Stelios Antoniou on March 16, 2011

Switching to VoIP (Voice over IP) can be a difficult task because there’s much to consider. This article will walk you through everything that you’ll need to consider before moving to VoIP including bandwidth, security, QoS, voice and data traffic separation, network resilience and high availability.

New Desktop Virtualization Certifications from VMware

By David Davis on March 14, 2011

VMware recently announced a new hierarchy of desktop virtualization certifications which includes the VCA-Desktop, VCP-Desktop and VCAP-Desktop. Learn about the new and upcoming VMware desktop virtualization exams and certifications and why you should be considering desktop virtualization for your organization.

New course on Building Applications with ASP.NET MVC 3

By Fritz Onion on March 14, 2011

Scott Allen has just published a new course on Building Applications with ASP.NET MVC 3. This course is designed to get you up and running with the MVC framework. The modules in the course will cover everything from setting up a development environment to deploying to a live web site. In between we’ll drill into […]

New course on HTML 5 Fundamentals

By Fritz Onion on March 14, 2011

Craig Shoemaker has just published a new course on HTML 5 Fundamentals. Get acquainted with HTML5 by learning about the new semantic markup and JavaScript APIs coming in HTML5-enabled browsers. Learn to reliably detect HTML5 features, work with the DOM, draw with the canvas, enhance forms with the extended web forms API and serve media […]

New course on ReSharper

By Fritz Onion on March 14, 2011

James Kovacs has just published a new course on using JetBrains’ ReSharper, a developer productivity tool for Visual Studio. This course covers code browsing, code cleanup, refactoring, coding assistance, microcode generation, templating, and a grab bag of other useful features. Both new and long-time users of ReSharper can learn a wealth of productivity enhancing tips […]

Free ASP.NET MVC 3 Training

By Pluralsight on March 11, 2011

In partnership with Microsoft, we’ve released a professional ASP.NET MVC 3 training course that you can watch for free on Check it out (under the “Essential Videos” section below) and start your learning now! This professional course was designed for those who need to start from ground zero with ASP.NET MVC 3 and get up to speed quickly. We hope […]

How to Increase Your IT Salary with Cisco Certifications

By Sean Wilkins on March 11, 2011

Are you looking for ways to increase your salary? Cisco certified professionals are some of the best paid people in the IT industry. Let’s take a look at some of the latest Cisco salary statistics and go over Cisco certification paths that can help you make more money and advance your IT career.

Top 3 Alternative Linux Browsers

By Veronica Henry on March 9, 2011

In the Linux world, there are a number of alternative browsers including Epiphany, Midori and Opera that rival the popular Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome. Learn more about these three alternative browsers and see if one is right for you.

Photos from Tellago/Pluralsight Party at MVP Summit 2011

By Pluralsight on March 8, 2011

Thank you to everyone who attended the Tellago/Pluralsight party at MVP Summit 2011! It was truly a pleasure to see everyone and catch-up. Enjoy the photos below and feel free to tag yourself or any of your friends. See you again next year!

New Pluralsight Account Management Features

By Pluralsight on March 8, 2011

Today we released some helpful account management features that address some of our top customer support requests to date. These features include: Change subscription plan: you can easily change your subscription plan to upgrade/downgrade features or to change the term from monthly to yearly (you can also change from yearly to monthly during the last […]

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