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Archive for February, 2012

Install Windows 8 in a Virtual Machine

By Brian Nelson on February 29, 2012

Microsoft’s Windows 8 is currently available in a pre-beta status to developers. Learn how to set up the operating system in a virtual machine in a way that doesn’t compromise your current system and still let’s you fully explore the features.

Top 7 Things to Hate About Windows 7

By Brian Nelson on February 29, 2012

Windows 7 has been on the market for quite some time now. While Windows 7 is considered by many to be a huge improvement from the loathed Vista, here are some long dues criticisms of the Microsoft operating system.

Check Your Data’s Validity

By Paul Ballard on February 29, 2012

Learn to create custom data validations in this video excerpt from Julie Lerman’s course “Data Layer Validation with Entity Framework 4.1+“.  In this video Julie shows how to use the IValidatableObject interface to provide custom class level validation in Entity Framework 4.1. [youtube] Julie Lerman is a leading independent authority on the Entity Framework […]

Leap Ahead With Free Pluralsight Training on Leap Day

By Steve Woolley on February 28, 2012

Since we all have an extra day this year, we thought we’d put it to good use. We’re opening up the entire Pluralsight library for free! That’s right, you heard me. Absolutely FREE. For 24 hours, starting Wednesday February 29, at 12:00AM EST ( 05:00 UTC) the Pluralsight library will be wide open. You will be […]

Android Player Beta (0.88) now available for testing

By Keith Sparkjoy on February 28, 2012

Update (13 Mar, 2012): There’s a newer beta available now – please try that first. A number of devices, including the Kindle Fire, were failing to properly open the player due to a problem with our OpenGL initialization that seems to have surfaced in 0.85. This build fixes that problem and also removes the NEON support […]

Are You Ready To Run Windows 8 Consumer Preview?

By Paul Ballard on February 28, 2012

Leap Day is going to be a big day for fans of Windows 8, and not just because of the possibility of upcoming promos from Pluralsight that might just include some great free stuff (stay tuned!).  Tomorrow February 29th, Microsoft will be launching the Windows 8 Consumer Preview at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  After […]

Pluralsight “New Releases” Newsletter – February 28, 2012

By Steve Woolley on February 28, 2012

In this week’s newsletter check out our new courses, Building HTML5 and JavScript Applications with MVVM and Knockout by John Papa, Kanban Fundamentals by Steve Smith, and Building Windows Phone Applications with Azure by Yacine Khammal. You can also learn more about subscriptions for businesses and course assessments and certificates. Read this week’s newsletter today! You […]

The Top Cloud Computing Mega-Vendors

By Michael Gabriel Sumastre on February 28, 2012

2011 saw only a snippet of the Cloud computing boom in IT. While there has been massive growth in the number of providers, certain companies have a foothold early-on as legitimate Cloud Mega-Vendors. Here, they’re broken down by the numbers.

Win an Xbox 360 with Kinect!

By Steve Woolley on February 28, 2012

It’s time for another Pluralsight virtual raffle. This time we’re giving away a Microsoft Xbox 360 with Kinect! To enter, simply follow @pluralsight on Twitter and then either RT this offer or tweet about your favorite Pluralsight course.

Getting Your Head Into The Cloud Computing

By Paul Ballard on February 28, 2012

Would you like to more about cloud computing and what it can do for your organization?  In this video excerpt from David Chappell’s course “Cloud Computing:  Seeing The Big Picture” you’ll learn what factors should be considered in evaluating cloud computing for your own use. [youtube] David Chappell is Principal of Chappell & Associates. […]

New course: jQuery Template Fundamentals

By Jason Salmond on February 27, 2012

Matt Milner has just published a new course: jQuery Template Fundamentals Learn how to perform client-side data templating with jQuery Templates.  The jQuery Template plug-in is a small JavaScript library that enables data templating, and is especially convenient when building Ajax-enabled applications.

Top 5 Reasons Adobe Killed Flash Mobile

By Paul Ballard on February 27, 2012

Halfway from the home office in Clearfield UT, comes today’s Top 5 List.  Our topic today is “Top  5 Reasons Adobe Killed Flash Mobile”. [youtube] Let us know if there are some we may have forgotten in the comment links below.

Amazon and Google: Targeted Marketing versus Electronic Eavesdropping

By Paul Ballard on February 27, 2012

I woke up this morning and found a newsletter from Amazon sitting in my Inbox.  The newsletter as you can imagine is full of words like “Great Deal” and “Gold Box Buy” and was announcing an upcoming video game sale.  Being a bit of a gamer-nerd, I’ll admit I bit and hit the link.  When […]

Make Your Web Apps More “Like”-able

By Paul Ballard on February 27, 2012

Learn to leverage the power of the Facebook platform to provide your web applications with direct support for Facebook features such as “Like”-ing in this video excerpt from “Facebook Platform Overview” by Yasser Shahoud. [youtube] Yasser Shohoud is an engineer at Facebook where he helps partners build social apps using the Facebook platform.  In […]

New pattern for the Design Patterns Library: Bridge Pattern

By Megan Russell on February 24, 2012

John Sonmez has just added a pattern to the Design Patterns Library: Bridge Pattern In this module you will tackle the sometimes difficult-to-understand bridge pattern.  John takes you through some examples of the bridge pattern, and then through the exercise of refactoring code into this pattern.  We hope you enjoy the new addition to the […]

Make Excel Work Harder With VSTO

By Paul Ballard on February 24, 2012

Excel can do a lot more than add a few numbers together as you will see in this video excerpt from John Brown’s  “Introduction To Visual Studio Tools For Office”.  In this excerpt John shows you how to read data from the NetFlix webservice and then bind that data directly into your Excel workbook using […]

New course: Introduction to PhoneGap

By Megan Russell on February 24, 2012

John Sonmez has just published a new course: Introduction to PhoneGap PhoneGap is an exciting mobile platform that allows mobile developer to build a mobile application using HTML and JavaScript. This course is designed to get you started with PhoneGap by teaching you the basics of creating a PhoneGap application. In this course you will […]

New course: AWS Developer Fundamentals

By Megan Russell on February 23, 2012

Richard Seroter has just published a new course: AWS Developer Fundamentals This course covers the Amazon Web Services offerings for compute, storage, databases, messaging and administration. Each module includes a series of demonstrations that show how to interact with AWS services through the Management Console, native API and .NET SDK. The course covers classic AWS […]

Switchport Security Concepts

By Sean Wilkins on February 22, 2012

Before you can understand how to configure switchport security, a base knowledge of the switchport security feature is needed. In this overview, Sean Wilkins explains the types of switchport violations, what causes them, as well as the three categories of switchport security MAC addresses.

Which App Ecosystem Will Bring In The Big Bucks?

By Paul Ballard on February 22, 2012

When most developers are asked which of the various “App” ecosystems they should write for, a well-known few seem to always be at the tip of our tongues. Of course there is the iOS ecosystem with more than 300 million devices on the streets of the world targeting that platform will get you the single […]

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