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Archive for May, 2012

New Course: Debugging the Web

By Megan Russell on May 31, 2012

Shawn Wildermuth has just published a new course: Debugging the Web As a web developer, you are tasked with developing the server and client-side of your web projects. For the client-side of development, there are a lot of great tools to debug your web pages. In this course we will show you how to use […]

If Windows 8 Is Too Radical For Your Desktop, Which OS Would You Switch To?

By Paul Ballard on May 31, 2012

A very well thought out and informative blog post from Michael Mace has the world contemplating the effects of the radical change Windows 8 represents for desktop users.  Love it or hate it, Microsoft is betting the proverbial farm on this release and their ability to get desktop users to embrace the Metro UI.  But […]

Video: Get a Diagnostics View on Your Microsoft StreamInsight Queries

By Paul Ballard on May 31, 2012

If you want to get an under the covers look at how your Microsoft StreamInsight queries are running, this video excerpt from Richard Seroter’s course Microsoft StreamInsight Fundamentals will show you how.  In addition to using the StreamInsight Event Flow Debugger, Richard also shows how to user Performance Monitor to get key data about the […]

Meet the Author: Steve Evans on TCP/IP Networking for Developers

By Paul Ballard on May 30, 2012

In today’s episode of our Meet the Author Podcast, Fritz Onion speaks to Steve Evans about his course TCP/IP Networking for Developers.  In the interview Steve explains the motivation behind creating this course and then steps through the process of debugging connectivity issues to a remote server including using nslookup, telnet, WireShark, and Fiddler. Listen […]

Video: Strengthen Your CoffeeScript with Regular Expressions

By Paul Ballard on May 30, 2012

CoffeeScript is a language that compiles a combination of JavaScript and Ruby/Python constructs into JavaScript for use in any browser.  In this video excerpt from Liam McLennan’s course CoffeeScript Fundamentals he shows how to use regular expressions with CoffeeScript including taking advantage of CoffeeScripts extended RegEx syntax.  In the complete course he also covers features […]

Free Training on User Experiences: Fundamental Design Principles by Billy Hollis

By Steve Woolley on May 30, 2012

Start learning about User Experiences: Creating Fundamental Design Principles today through this free offer! For a limited time we’re making it possible for you to watch our newest user experience course absolutely free: User Experiences: Creating Fundamental Design Principles, authored by Billy Hollis. All you have to do is follow @pluralsight and @billyhollis on Twitter and […]

Virtual Networking 101: Understanding VMware Networking

By Petra Jorgenson on May 30, 2012

Working with virtual networks may seem like a daunting task at first, but if you know how physical networks operate, then understanding virtual networking really isn’t too difficult. In Virtual Networking 101, you’ll learn the basics, including the components of standard and distributed switches

New Course: Async and Parallel Programming: Application Design

By Jason Salmond on May 29, 2012

Dr. Joe Hummel has just published a new course: Async and Parallel Programming: Application Design Need to make your .NET applications more responsiveness? Run faster? On today’s multicore hardware, async and parallel programming may be the answer. In this course (part 2 of 2) Joe discusses the safe and efficient design of asynchronous and parallel .NET […]

Citrix XenServer 6.0 Training Out Now

By Chris Magiet on May 29, 2012

We just finished our newest Citrix virtualization course, XenServer 6.0 with Elias Khnaser, the recently named 2012 Citrix Technology Professional (CTP), an award given to only 10 people worldwide. Elias gets you started in server virtualization by walking through installation, configuration and troubleshooting of Citrix XenServer 6.

Top 10 Must-See TechEd 2012 Sessions

By Kasia Lorenc on May 29, 2012

Going to TechEd 2012? Now is the time to start building your schedule! See our top 10 picks for this year’s event from star speakers on a variety of topics from Windows Server 2012, PowerShell, Exchange, SharePoint and Career Development.

Video: Take Control Of Validations with Rulesets in Enterprise Library Validation Application Block

By Paul Ballard on May 29, 2012

The Enterprise Library Validation Application Block has many excellent features for performing custom validations on your data.  In this video excerpt from John Sonmez’ new course Enterprise Library Validation Application Block you’ll see how to organize those validations into rulesets as well as how to apply multiple validations to the same object.  In the complete […]

Pluralsight “New Releases” Newsletter – May 29, 2012

By Steve Woolley on May 29, 2012

In this week’s newsletter check out our new courses, HTML Fundamentals by Matt Milner and Enterprise Library Security and Cryptography by John Sonmez. You can also learn about subscriptions for business and see what countries Pluralsight is visiting this week and next. Read this week’s newsletter today! You can subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive future updates […]

New Course: Introduction to NuGet

By Jason Salmond on May 25, 2012

John Petersen has just published a new course: Introduction to NuGet This course is John’s basic introduction to NuGet. NuGet is a library and file dependency manager that is integrated into Visual Studio. With NuGet, you can wrap any kind of file (EXE’s, DLL’s, js/html/css files, source code, etc.) in a NuGet Package. In addition […]

My Name Is Paul Ballard, and I Do NOT Approve of This Ad

By Paul Ballard on May 25, 2012

No, this is not a political piece with images of solemn faced workers or highly animated graphs that sing out optimism to a bouncy tune.  This post is about something much scarier than that.  Your privacy online. It’s should be no secret that nearly every move you make online is being recorded, cataloged, and aggregated. […]

Meet the Author: Jim Wilson on Android 4.0 New Features

By Paul Ballard on May 25, 2012

In the latest installment in our Meet the Author podcast, Fritz Onion sits down with Jim Wilson to discuss his course Android 4.0 New Features.  In the interview Jim explains the versioning model used for Android and how the 4.0 version is major new release combining device support for both phones and tablets.  He also […]

Video: Give Your Cubes More Dimensions with Analysis Services

By Paul Ballard on May 25, 2012

Analysis Services is a powerful tool for analyzing business data but can be a bit complex.  This video excerpt from Stacia Misner’s course Analysis Services Fundamentals makes shows how to quickly and easily add dimensions and measures to an existing cube.  The complete course also covers topics ranging from named calculations, using the Dimensions Wizard, […]

Demonstrating People Skills in an IT Resume

By Alan Ackmann on May 25, 2012

People skills are a nice bonus to your resume, they can demonstrate that you’re a good communicator, a strong leader and a skillful problem solver. See why demonstrating people skills on your resume is worth the extra time — and how you can do it well.

GitHub for Windows Released

By Paul Ballard on May 24, 2012

GitHub has released a new client application specifically intended to make using GitHub from Windows easier.  Git is a distributed source control system that is very popular with open source and even closed source developers.  GitHub is a collaboration layer put on top of the Git repositories that allows for easy web based management of […]

Video: Mix Up Some Databinding with Expression Blend

By Paul Ballard on May 24, 2012

Expression Blend isn’t just for designers as Shawn Wildermuth shows in this video excerpt from his course Expression Blend for Developers.  In this video Shawn shows how to do advanced databinding and template creation directly in the Expression Blend tool.  In the full course he covers other key topics such as adding animations, using SketchFlow, […]

Securing Networks Access List Implementation on Cisco Routers

By Tracey Wilson on May 23, 2012

Access Control List (ACL) configuration and deployment is covered in this installment of Tracey’s network security series. Brush up on IPv4 protocols, configuration commands, and extended ACLs on Cisco routers and be on the lookout for more tips upcoming in this ACL series.

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