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Archive for September, 2012

New Course: Advanced Analysis Services

By Jason Salmond on September 28, 2012

Stacia Misner has just published a new course: Advanced Analysis Services This course covers advanced design topics related to dimensions and partitions. In it, Stacia explains how to utilize Analysis Services features for parent-child hierarchies, financial analytics, referenced dimensions and many-to-many relationships. She also demonstrates how to work with write back in Analysis Services for […]

HTML 5 Player Beta!

By Keith Sparkjoy on September 28, 2012

Thanks to everyone who helped us test during our Alpha phase! Your feedback was tremendously positive. The HTML 5 player is officially in beta. No URL hacks are necessary to use it now. [youtube]

New Course: Introduction to 2D Game Programming with XNA

By Jason Salmond on September 28, 2012

John Sonmez has just published a new course: Introduction to 2D Game Programming with XNA Game programming doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’ve wanted to learn how to program simple games for Xbox, Windows or Windows Phone 7, but have been intimidated by the complexity, this course is for you! John walks you through […]

Video: Back to Basics with C Language Pointers

By Paul Ballard on September 28, 2012

Whether you’re new to development or a 20-year veteran, it never hurts to review the fundamentals of programming.  In this video excerpt from Kenny Kerr’s new course C Language Fundamentals you’ll see how pointers are used in C as well as the potential dangers of uninitialized pointers.  In the complete course Kenny covers topics such […]

Course update: IIS for Developers

By Megan Russell on September 28, 2012

Steve Evans has just published an update to his popular course: IIS for Developers  His latest update explores several new and enhanced features available in IIS 8, including Application Initialization (site warm up), SNI (Server Name Indication) and other SSL improvements, CPU throttling and support for Web Sockets. Click here to go straight to his […]

New Course: IntelliTrace

By Jason Salmond on September 27, 2012

Marcel de Vries has just published a new course: IntelliTrace IntelliTrace is a feature of Visual studio Ultimate that enables application debugging using a historical execution log. In this course, Marcel explores how to use IntelliTrace to enhance interactive debugging sessions, as well as how to leverage it as a postmortem debugger in testing environments […]

Microsoft Exchange Community Reunites at MEC 2012

By J. Peter Bruzzese on September 27, 2012

Exchange MVP J. Peter Bruzzese is reporting LIVE at MEC 2012, and he’s calling it a revival of the Microsoft Exchange Community. Here’s his take on the conference, as well as some news about Exchange 2013.

New course: Web Development with ExpressJS

By Megan Russell on September 27, 2012

Hadi Hariri has just published a new course: Web Development with ExpressJS In this course, you’ll learn the basics of node.js and how to create applications using express.js, a lightweight framework for creating robust and scalable web applications. Hadi will take you through all the elements that make up an express application, from routing, views, […]

Web.config Encryption

By David Adsit on September 27, 2012

In my last post, I showed how web.config transforms can be used to manage the complexity of config files in an ASP.NET project. One thing that often comes up in mature environments is that certain parts of the web.config are need to know only. Examples include production database passwords, payment gateway authentication keys, etc. Of […]

Meet the Author: Richard Seroter on for Developers

By Paul Ballard on September 27, 2012

In today’s episode of our Meet the Author podcast series, Fritz Onion talks to Richard Seroter about his new course for Developers.  In the interview Richard explains how the platform differs from other cloud platforms such as Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services.  He describes in some detail the infrastructure abstractions that allow […]

Win a free trip – only a few days left to enter!

By Jillian Pandav on September 27, 2012

UPDATE: If you haven’t signed up to win a free trip to VMware VMworld, Microsoft TechEd, Citrix Synergy, or Cisco Live 2013 yet, you’re running out of time! Our 10th Anniversary Giveaway ends this Sunday at 11:59 p.m., so make sure to enter ASAP in order to win.

Video: Pluralsight uses Selenium – you should too!

By Keith Sparkjoy on September 26, 2012

While most of our acceptance tests are driven via FitNesse and test just below the presentation layer, we do have some Selenium smoke tests that exercise parts of our website. We used to do a lot of this manually, but it sure is nice to simply press a button and let Selenium do the work […]

Introduction to Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Networks (DMVPN)

By Sean Wilkins on September 26, 2012

Here’s an overview of Dynamic Multipoint VPNs, and how DMVPN models are deployed using various technologies. You’ll also learn what distinguishes previous concepts of VPN from Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Networks.

Backbone.js and Client-side Web Applications

By liammclennan2 on September 26, 2012

In the beginning the internet was a set of documents. Then someone decided to add hyperlinks to create a web of connections between documents. Soon static documents were not enough so we began to dynamically create documents on the server. The client-side user experience was still flat, so scripting was introduced to add dynamic behavior […]

Video: Add Browser Automation to Your Unit Tests With Selenium

By Paul Ballard on September 26, 2012

With the power and flexibility of HTML5 and JavaScript, its no longer enough to simply test the HTTP request and responses for your web applications, you must test the interactions with the user that never leave the browser.  Selenium was built as a solution to that very problem, and as John Sonmez shows in this […]

My First Impression of Windows 8

By Bill Kulterman on September 25, 2012

Here is a sneak peek at some of the functionality coming out with Windows 8. Here Microsoft MVP Bill Kulterman examines some of the favorable and annoying features he discovered after using Metro for a few days. What’s your impression of Win 8.

Sweden Pluralsight Study Group

By Aaron Skonnard on September 25, 2012

A few months ago we announced the first Pluralsight Study Group formed in New York City. We’ve watched them with keen interest, week by week, as the group has progressed working through several Pluralsight courses together. Each week they watch a course module, have some discussion, and occasionally write code together. The feedback so far has been […]

Pluralsight “New Releases” Newsletter – September 25, 2012

By StacyAnn on September 25, 2012

In this week’s newsletter check out these recently released courses: Introduction to NServiceBus by Andreas Öhlund, SQL Server: Transact-SQL Basic Data Modification by Joe Sack, Google Analytics Fundamentals by Zoiner Tejada, and SharePoint 2010 Developer Ramp-Up: Part 1 and SharePoint 2010 Developer Ramp-Up: Part 2 by Ted Pattison and Andrew Connell. Also check out our free SharePoint […]

Announcing AcceleratorHK, Accelerating Hong Kong Startups

By Paul Ballard on September 25, 2012

AcceleratorHK is the first ever startup accelerator in the financially well off, but technically untapped city of Hong Kong.  Started by Chief Strategy Officer and Pluralsight Author Stephen Forte with TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2012 Hackathon winner Paul Orlando, this program intends to offer seed capital, shared working space, and mentorship to would be high-tech entrepreneurs focused […]

Free SharePoint Training Offer

By Steve Woolley on September 25, 2012

To celebrate our new partnership with Critical Path Training, we are making five of our new SharePoint courses free for a limited time! This exciting partnership brought 33 new SharePoint courses to the Pluralsight library, giving Pluralsight customers the most comprehensive online training resource for Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies. Now we have full sets of SharePoint […]

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