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November 27, 2008

A Big Thanksgiving Thank You From Train Signal


Today we’d like to say thanks — to all of you — our readers, customers, fans and supporters.

Thank you for all the kind words and wishes we continually receive from you!

Thank you for all of your helpful feedback, comments and suggestions!

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support!

We’re a small company, but we’ve been very lucky to have contact with so many wonderful and interesting people from all over the world; our customers and visitors come from over 100 different countries around the globe.

And as we strive to improve our products, grow as a company, and lead the way in the computer training field — we will always remain thankful to you.

Today I want to show you the overwhelming support we receive. Below are photos and comments I received from just a handful of people who participated in our recent giveaway.

These are our customers, our blog readers, our fans …

Ovando Russell - Winner of Train Signal's 6th Anniversary Giveaway “Since the day I first learned about train signal, it has being my source of practical Information Technology training. Train signal training videos are informative, thorough, up to date and the instructors are knowledgeable and they teach with such enthusiasm, not to mention the real world examples demonstrated.”
Ovando Russell

Tina Cline - Winner of Train Signal's 6th Anniversary Giveaway “I earned my A+ cert in about 1 month of going through your training courses. Currently, we just recommended you to our construction division as a source for training users on how to use simple programs like Word, Excel, etc. It’s a great way to keep the training in-house and inexpensive!”
Tina Cline

Brian Long - Winner of Train Signal's 6th Anniversary Giveaway “I enjoyed reading the Bio written by Scott about the company’s beginnings. I like his moral compass concerning the teaching and helping of others … and I think that has been a major catalyst in the success of your company. I wish you all great success in the future!”
Brian Long

Marc Cote - Winner of Train Signal's 6th Anniversary Giveaway “I happened to run across Train Signal’s website during a Google search looking for CBT for DNS. The price seemed right for what I was looking for and I bought it. I like the content and presentation enough that I bought Exchange 2007, CCNA and got the Server 2008 one for free. You can’t beat free. 😉 “
Marc Cote

Ali Farshad - Winner of Train Signal's 6th Anniversary Giveaway “I want to thank you all for the confidence that train signal awarded me.”
Ali Farshad

Brenda LeGrand - Winner of Train Signal's 6th Anniversary Giveaway “I’ll just start with saying ‘I LOVE your Training Videos’. I completed my first MCSE NT in 1999 and wished your training was available then. Your training has helped me achieved my certification for MCSE 2K, MCSE 2K3, and I’m confident it will help me when I test for 2K8 as well.”
Brenda LeGrand

Antony Njoroge - Winner of Train Signal's 6th Anniversary Giveaway “I like the in-depth knowledge and know-how of train signal instructors, my favorite instructors are Coach Culbertson and no other than David Shackelford who has enabled me to grow from a novice to an exchange expert and more so on day to day assistance if need be when am swamped with a hard exchange problem. He is always there to assist. Way to go guys!”
Antony Njoroge

Diane Fletcher - Winner of Train Signal's 6th Anniversary Giveaway “A definite advantage is that the material can be gone over multiple times whereas in classroom training if your thoughts wander or you miss the point you lose out. Also, in our country, South Africa, there are 13 official languages so Train Signal affords the trainee the opportunity to understand the English first then the geek speak.”
Diane Fletcher

Eirik Kulo - Winner of Train Signal's 6th Anniversary Giveaway “Train Signal’s strength is to go deep within every subject and also solve errors that might happen when the video is recorded. This is a very good thing to do, first because it is human to make a mistake, second because it also gives the viewer a clue on how you would solve the problem.”
Eirik Kulo

Daniel Zombek - Winner of Train Signal's 6th Anniversary Giveaway “Everyone learns differently. For me the multimedia method Train Signal employs is the best. There’s something to be said about watching and hearing how something is done then doing it yourself.”
Daniel Zombek

Jason MacRae - Winner of Train Signal's 6th Anniversary Giveaway “Just recently I purchased the Exchange 2007 video and love that not only are you showing how the software works, but taking it a step further by setting up SSL’s and DNS. Your instructors are easy to follow and know their stuff. Thanks for helping me move forward in my career.”
Jason MacRae

Samad Pangandaman - Winner of Train Signal's 6th Anniversary Giveaway “Train Signal videos save me a lot of time rather than reading and attending an instructor-led outside training which after a month of completing it begun to fade away, whereas your training videos are still there in my computer to review back the part that I needed most to accomplish my work.”
Samad Pangandaman

Rob Bishop - Winner of Train Signal's 6th Anniversary Giveaway “Train Signal has worked great for me on a personal level because I’m such a visual learner that when I sit for exams I can almost see the process in my head and it helps eliminate erroneous answers confidently.”
Rob Bishop

Kirk Battick - Winner of Train Signal's 6th Anniversary Giveaway “Train Signal products have become a part of my life. When I need to do anything major, I just re-visit training on the particular area and proceed with confidence. Keep up the good work and I look forward to using your products for years to come.”
Kirk Battick

Kenneth Smith - Winner of Train Signal's 6th Anniversary Giveaway “I personally prefer the Training Videos over reading a book. I learn from watching/doing, very little from reading a book. Keep up the great work … Train Signal Customer since 2006.”
Kenneth Smith

Happy Thanksgiving from the entire Train Signal Team!

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served as the editor-in-chief of the TrainSignal blog from 2007 - 2012. In addition to covering a variety of topics, including IT certification, training and technology news, Kasia was also responsible for the content strategy and website management at TrainSignal. You can connect with Kasia on Twitter @kasialorenc.