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February 28, 2012

Android Player Beta (0.88) now available for testing


Update (13 Mar, 2012): There’s a newer beta available now – please try that first.

A number of devices, including the Kindle Fire, were failing to properly open the player due to a problem with our OpenGL initialization that seems to have surfaced in 0.85. This build fixes that problem and also removes the NEON support that we’d hoped would fix some stutter problems but actually ends up crashing some devices due to a lack of proper CPU detection. To make a long story short, NEON support is something the Android platform doesn’t seem to handle very cleanly at the moment and it’ll take more work on our part before we can try this again.

If you’d like to help beta test 0.88, first uninstall the old application, then sideload the new one:

Download Pluralsight Android App (Beta) version 0.88

If our FFmpeg-based player (0.85+) is not working on your device, we also have our old player available (0.79), which you can continue to use until we get the kinks worked out:

Download Pluralsight Android App (non-FFmpeg) version 0.79

Please let us know about your experience with 0.88 by commenting on this blog entry – that’ll help us figure out what we need to do next.

Thanks for your patience with us as we continue to stabilize the new FFmpeg player!

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