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March 12, 2013

And the best grad schools for computer engineering and information systems are…


U.S. News & World Report has released its annual list of the country’s top graduate schools today after surveying 1,200 programs. The report is most-often cited for its ranking of MBA programs, but it also dishes out two lists IT pros might find interesting: top computer engineering programs and top information systems programs among business schools. Not surprising, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which counts the inventor of email, HP’s William Reddington Hewlett and “mayor of Silicon Valley” Robert Noyce among its alumni, lands at the top of both lists. While the tuition might seem steep for some of the schools, keep in mind, grads with computer degrees are among the highest paying professionals.

Top 11 computer engineering grad programs

For careers in software development, programmers, etc.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): $41,770 annual tuition
  2. University of California-Berkley: $11,220 in-state tuition, $26,322 out-of-state
  3. Carnegie Mellon University: $38,900 annual tuition
  4. University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign: $16,352 in-state, $29,618 out-of-state
  5. Cornell University: $29,500 annual tuition. Tied with Georgia Institute of Technology: $10,584 in-state, $26,860 out-of-state.
  6. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor: $22,518 in-state, $41,914 out-of-state
  7. University of Texas – Austin (Cockrell): $9,564 in-state, $17,506 out-of-state
  8. Princeton University: $48,650 annual tuition
  9. Purdue University – West Lafayette: $10,332 in-state, 29,134 out-of-state
  10. University of Wisconsin – Madison: $11,839 in-state, $25,166 out-of-state

Top 11 information systems MBA programs

For careers in networking, IT systems, etc.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan): $47,920 annual tuition
  2. Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper): $55,800 per year
  3. University of Texas – ​Austin (McCombs): $33,926 per year (in-state, full-time); $48,832 per year (out-of-state, full-time)
  4. University of Arizona (Eller): $20,622 in-state, $36,033 out-of-state. Tied with University of Minnesota – Twin Cities (Carlson): $33,230 per year (in-state, full-time); $45,000 per year
  5. University of Pennsylvania (Wharton): $57,026 annual tuition
  6. University of Maryland​ – ​College Park (Smith): $40,158 in-state, $47,448 out-of-state
  7. Georgia State University (Robinson): $67,000 per program
  8. Stanford University: $57,300 annual
  9. New York University (Stern): $52,828 annual
  10. Indiana University-Bloomington (Kelley): $24,478 in-state, $43,460 out-of-state

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