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January 15, 2007

Can't We All Just Get Along? – iPhone Part 2


So in my iPhone “part 1” post, I told you how there is no way that Cisco would be sued by Apple over the iPhone name.

Here is the funny part, Cisco is suing Apple. Why? Well, because Apple decided to use the iPhone name without permission, even though it has been Cisco’s trademark since 1996.

It’s not like Apple didn’t try to negotiate with Cisco for the rights to call its phone, the iPhone. It tried over, and over again, and every time Cisco said that it was not interested in giving up the rights to the name.

They even got close to finalizing a deal last week that would have allowed both Cisco and Apple to use the iPhone name. They were just about to meet again and close the deal, when Apple CEO Steve Jobs made a big mistake. He took the stage at a Macworld Expo and announced the new “iPhone” by Apple.

According to Cisco, Apple thinks that it can get away with that, but Cisco just won’t let it fly.

Apple, however, claims that it can win the legal dispute over the trademark as there are already several companies using the iPhone name for their products. In addition, Apple has the entire “iFamily” of products and this can be very confusing to customers.

I guess we will have to wait and see how this whole thing plays out. If you want more information about the dispute, check out the full story.

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