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10 signs your SysAdmin is really a superhero

By Lindsay Lauck on July 31, 2015

We’ve never seen our SysAdmin and Batman in the same room together. Coincidence? We’re starting to get suspicious…

4 ways to recharge at work (without sneaking a power nap)

By Stacy Warden on July 22, 2015

You shouldn’t have to tune out to truly tune in. We’ve rounded up several ideas that you can use to unwind while on the clock, without ever having to set an alarm.

3 keys to success that most companies forget

By Rob Marsh on June 24, 2015

Despite the growing number of challenges that most companies face, the best still manage to deliver low-cost, high-quality products on time and within budget. Here’s how they do it.

Full stack developers: Do they really exist?  

By Adam Bertram on June 23, 2015

The idea of a full stack developer is often better than it sounds. This post takes a look at why it may be better to hire a full team instead.

Summertime tech: Apps and gear for your next outdoor adventure

By Stacy Warden on June 22, 2015

Before you decide to unplug completely, take note of these vacation-friendly gadgets and apps, guaranteed to make any outdoor adventure the most memorable yet.

40th anniversary of Jaws: Technology that revolutionized movie-making

By Lindsay Lauck on June 19, 2015

The 40th anniversary of the cinematic classic Jaws has arrived. And what better way to honor Bruce – the animatronic-robot shark that changed movie-making forever – than with a fact-packed, tech-heavy journey through movie history?

Prep for Father’s Day: Geeky ways to celebrate with dad

By Stacy Warden on June 16, 2015

Skip the obligatory brunch this year and, instead, use these geeky ideas to create a day dad won’t soon forget. 

Developers: Proceed with caution before commenting your code

By Zoran Horvat on June 15, 2015

Gone are the days of needing to comment every little thing. Here’s why developers should think twice before writing that next line.

7 tabletop games that’ll make you want to ditch your gaming PC

By Stacy Warden on May 26, 2015

Put down that mouse, remove your headset and step away from the endless PvP queues. We’ve rounded up seven tabletop games that’ll force you to unplug in order to get your fix.

8 tech documentaries you can binge-watch this weekend

By Stacy Warden on May 15, 2015

Because we all need the occasional break from GoT, here are eight tech-related documentaries to keep you not only entertained, but also informed and enlightened.

What does the name Pluralsight mean, anyway?

By Keith Sparkjoy on May 13, 2015

You already know what Pluralsight is all about, but where the heck did the name come from? And how does it relate to what we do? Let’s have a little fun and break it down.

5 TED talks to watch on Teachers’ Day

By Stacy Warden on May 5, 2015

We’re celebrating Teachers’ Day with a shout out to the folks in higher ed. Here’s a list of insightful and inspiring TED talks that instructors everywhere can relate to.

10 things tech pros can learn from “Star Wars”

By Stacy Warden on May 4, 2015

Not that you needed another excuse to watch “Star Wars” for the hundredth time, but we thought we’d give you one anyway.

Movies you’ll want to have on deck for Space Day

By Stacy Warden on April 29, 2015

Get ready for the most stellar day of the year with our favorite space movies. Here are 10, in no particular order.

Your definition of accountability is all wrong

By Ron Schindler on April 28, 2015

Most of us have this whole accountability thing all mixed up. We take a look at what it actually means, and why you should work toward changing your perception of the word.

Microsoft Ignite: Get organized with this checklist

By Stacy Warden on April 27, 2015

Are you attending Microsoft Ignite? Here’s a quick list to help you prepare before heading out.

Insider advice on surviving a tech conference

By Stacy Warden on April 24, 2015

Conference season is here and we’re gearing up by gathering insider tips on everything you need to make it through, without turning into an overworked zombie.

Learning to program: 3 lessons to help you get started

By Amelia White on April 23, 2015

Programming for the first time ever can be overwhelming. Here are a few insider tips from someone who’s been there.

Happy Earth Day! Here’s what you should know about recycling your old gadgets

By Stacy Warden on April 22, 2015

When it comes to getting rid of our old gadgets, recycling isn’t always the first option that comes to mind, but it should be. Here are a few things you should know about turning over your used tech.

7 ways tech pros can reduce stress right at their desks

By Stacy Warden on April 17, 2015

April is National Stress Awareness Month, and we’re taking note by finding simple ways to be less stressed at work. Here are seven ways you can unwind while you’re still on the clock.