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Entity Framework 7: Updates and changes

By Julie Lerman on January 21, 2016

While EF7 has yet to see an official release, some technical things have changed since initial expectations. We list the key updates here.

Applied Azure: Building blocks for the cloud

By Vishwas Lele on August 24, 2015

Taking an in-depth look at Azure’s building blocks can give you a better idea of the vast array of capabilities that you can leverage to help build and deploy your applications in the cloud. So, what are you waiting for?

CloudFlare makes it easy to get SSL on your website: here’s how

By Troy Hunt on August 4, 2015

CloudFlare just might be the solution to your security problems. Here’s what it is and how it works.

Which programming languages will stand the test of time?

By Callie Johnson on June 11, 2015

What will your tech career be like a decade from now? Plan for the future and pick the right programming languages to learn. Dan Appleman gives advice on how to apply long-term planning to your career even though you can’t predict the future.

Here’s what you can do with Sphero the robot

By Robert Mangold on November 10, 2014

Sphero is a robot that you can control straight from your smartphone. Here’s how it works and why you’re probably going to want one.

Guide to NSX Controllers for VMware NSX

Guide to NSX Controllers for VMware NSX

By Hector Gonzalez on November 4, 2014

In this video tutorial, developer Jason Nash goes through the roles and functions of NSX Controllers, including as one of the main components of NSX, providing as a control plane to administer network info to hosts.

AngularJS Step-by-Step: Services

By Jim Cooper on September 12, 2013

< Back to: AngularJS Step-by-Step: Controllers This is the third in a series of blog posts intended to give you a taste of AngularJS without a lot of reading. If you haven’t read the first two, you might want to start with this post. And if you have been following along, and like what you […]

Video: Fixing Common jQuery Bugs

By Manya Susoev on August 15, 2013

In the following clip form “Fixing Common jQuery Bugs,” Elijah Manor gives you a look at a common jQuery bug that can easily creep into your web application. Have you ever written code that worked fine one day, but then for some reason stopped working after some markup was changed? The bug that Elijah addresses […]

Video: In-Process and Out-Of-Process Caches

By Manya Susoev on August 6, 2013

There’s much more to caching in .NET than using a static dictionary of strings and objects. In this excerpt from Caching in the .NET Stack: Inside Out, Elton Stoneman walks you through in-process and out-of-process caches, and structuring your solution to seamlessly swap between caches. In the full course, Elton covers caching with AOP, local […]

Video: Better Test Driven Development with Code Randori

By Manya Susoev on August 5, 2013

Do you work on a team where not everyone is enthusiastic about good design and writing automated tests? Would you like to get better at Test Driven Development? Playing some collaborative training games could be just what you need, and be fun too! In this video excerpt from Emily Bache’s new course “Coding Dojo: Test […]

Video: How to Use Facebook’s Graph API Explorer

By Manya Susoev on August 2, 2013

Playing with Facebook Graph API can literally be child’s play when you understand the tools. In this course excerpt from Introduction to Facebook Graph API, Jesse Stay shows you how to use Facebook’s Graph API Explorer to play with the various objects and connections available to you through Facebook. With this tool you can authorize […]

Video: Calling an External Web Service using Workflow Manager 1.0 in SharePoint 2013

By Manya Susoev on August 1, 2013

In SharePoint 2013 workflows you can no longer include custom code to implement your business logic within the workflow. Instead, your workflow will call external web services that contain this business logic and process their responses. In this course excerpt from SharePoint 2013 Workflow Fundamentals, Andrew Connell demonstrates how to create a workflow that calls […]

Video: Creating a SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflow

By Manya Susoev on July 31, 2013

SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflows are very powerful. In this course excerpt Spike Xavier goes through the entire process of creating the workflow that will drive the entire No Code Trouble Ticketing System that you’ll build in the full course, Build A Customized SharePoint Team Site Without Writing Any Code. Also in the full course, Spike […]

Video: Creating a Telerik RichTextBox

By Manya Susoev on July 30, 2013

The RadRichTextBox is one of Telerik’s most powerful controls, and in its basic form it is one of the easiest to use. In this excerpt from Programming Telerik WPF Controls, Jesse Liberty walks you through creating a RichTextBox and then adding additional functionality.  In the full course, Jesse also covers Telerik Editors, data entry controls, […]

Video: Efficiently Troubleshooting Agent Latency Issues

By Manya Susoev on July 29, 2013

If you’re encountering transactional replication topology performance issues and you want to understand why a particular replication agent is under-performing, you can gather this information that will help you troubleshoot the true root cause.  In this video excerpt from SQL Server Transactional Replication Fundamentals, Joe Sack shows you how to gather wait statistics using Extended […]

Video: Creating and Styling a RadBulletGraph

By Manya Susoev on July 26, 2013

The RadBulletGraph packs a great deal of information into a small, easy to understand space.  In this video from Programming Telerik Windows 8 Controls, Jesse Liberty walks you through creating a RadBulletGraph and styling it to meet your needs. In the full course, Jesse also covers an extensive array of charts, gauges, the DataGrid and […]

Video: Combining MSIL and C#

By Manya Susoev on July 25, 2013

Are you one of those developers who really wants to understand what happens behind the scenes? If not, you really should become one! Understanding what happens when you compile your C# applications doesn’t just give you great insight, it also makes you a better developer. In this course excerpt from MSIL For C# Applications, Filip […]

Video: Debugging Data Bindings When Using Knockout

By Manya Susoev on July 24, 2013

Who needs to debug their code? Not us, right? Now you can easily debug data bindings and get a glimpse into your viewmodel when using Knockout.js. In this excerpt from Essential Knockout and JavaScript Tips, John Papa shows you how to do just that.  In the full course John also covers various debugging techniques, exploring […]

Video: Understanding Ruby Blocks

By Manya Susoev on July 22, 2013

Blocks are a powerful and very widely used feature of the Ruby language. In this video excerpt from Ruby Fundamentals, Alex Korban shows you how blocks work, and teaches you some of the programming techniques they enable. You’ll also see how to get more mileage out of blocks by converting them into objects. In the […]

Video: Troubleshooting Performance Problems with Virtual Machines

By Manya Susoev on July 19, 2013

Troubleshooting performance problems with virtual machines requires more than just looking at PerfMon data available within the VM guest, which can be misleading when the root of the problem exists at the hypervisor host level. In this course excerpt Jonathan Kehayias demonstrates a common problem for VM guest performance under VMware host oversubscription, that can […]

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