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Video: Using Excel Data Explorer to source and sort Big Data

By Manya Susoev on July 11, 2013

Excel 2013 and its add-ins are powerful tools for visualizing data. In this clip from Excel: An Analytics Superhub, Andrew Brust demonstrates how to use Data Explorer to acquire interesting data, then shape the data and visualize it in Power View. You’ll get a look at how Data Explorer, Power View and the Excel Data […]

Video: Query Plans with Stored Procedures

By Manya Susoev on July 10, 2013

When you need to query the SQL Server database from your application, what’s the best way to do it? It might be easy to write dynamic SQL generated in your code, but stored procedures offer significant benefits related to code encapsulation, security, and performance. In this video excerpt from Developing and Deploying SQL Server ISV […]

Video: Using CSOM to Add Taxonomy Fields to SharePoint Lists

By Manya Susoev on July 9, 2013

One of the many new additions to the Client Object Model (CSOM) in SharePoint 2013 is the ability to work with Managed Metadata. In this clip, Rob Windsor demonstrates how to use CSOM to add a Taxonomy Field to a SharePoint list. This is just one of the 40+ demonstrations you’ll see in SharePoint 2013 […]

Video: How to Create an Array and Populate it with Values in Javascript

By Manya Susoev on July 8, 2013

Arrays are a critical collection type in JavaScript.  In this video excerpt from JavaScript From Scratch, Jesse Liberty demonstrates how to create an array and populate it with values. In the full course, Jesse also covers everything in JavaScript from program flow functions to objects. [youtube]

Video: Using Collections in C# to Create a Dictionary and Populate it with Values

By Manya Susoev on July 5, 2013

The dictionary class in C# is a powerful collection that allows you to associate a key with a value.  In this video excerpt from C# From Scratch, Jesse Liberty demonstrates how to create a dictionary and populate it with values. In the full course, Jesse also covers all the other collections in C#, along with […]

Video: Using Automation to Conquer Unit Testing Fears

By Manya Susoev on July 3, 2013

There is no reason to avoid unit testing because it sounds intimidating. In this video excerpt from Automated Testing for Fraidy Cats Like Me, Julie Lerman shows that learning how to use automated tests doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You’ll get a look at a simple test, as well as an overview of some of […]

Video: Turning On Glimpse in an ASP.NET Application

By Manya Susoev on July 2, 2013

Setting up Glimpse, and enabling it in an app doesn’t have to be difficult. In this course excerpt, John Sonmez demonstrates how to turn on Glimpse in an ASP.NET application, and how easy it is to use Glimpse, and get it running. In the full course, John shows you how to setup Glimpse to get […]

Video: Implement Offline Utility Modules Using Continuous Polling

By Manya Susoev on July 1, 2013

The native browser support for online and offline events is spotty at best. In this video, Craig Shoemaker demonstrates how to implement an offline utility module that uses continuous polling to determine whether or not the browser is in a connected or disconnected state. In the full course, you’ll learn to build a HTML5 line-of-business […]

Video: Android Tools Architecture Overview

By Manya Susoev on June 21, 2013

With over 900 million Android devices activated, Android offers developers an opportunity that can’t be ignored. The challenge for most .NET developers who want to develop for Android is not the Java programming language or class libraries. The challenge is adopting the new way of thinking required to work effectively. In this course excerpt, Jim […]

Video: View Model Patterns

By Manya Susoev on June 19, 2013

View models need to communicate with one another. In this course excerpt, Michael Perry will show you how to use a message bus to keep them decoupled. Rather than calling directly from one view model to the next, Michael will show you how to have one publish a message while the other subscribes, and how […]

Video: Understanding Page Lifecycle and ViewState

By Manya Susoev on June 17, 2013

Understanding page lifecycle and ViewState can make a huge difference on how efficiently your code behaves. Do you know what role ViewState plays in the page lifecycle? Do you know the role of each lifecycle event? In this video excerpt, MPV Mohamad Halabi sets the stage of the course and shows a teaser of the […]

23 Different Values vs. Underscore.js is* Functions

By craigshoemaker on June 12, 2013

Why do I like Underscore.js? Because it makes working with JavaScript easy! A common task in any code is determining “what is what”. In this case Underscore.js has a number of functions to help you determine between, objects, arrays, undefined, null values and a whole lot more. I’m calling the collection of those functions the […]

Video: Testing AngularJS Services with Dependencies

By Manya Susoev on June 11, 2013

AngularJS can be used to create maintainable and testable single page applications. In this excerpt, Joe Eames and Jim Cooper demonstrate how to test a service with a dependency in isolation by providing a mock dependency. In the full course, Joe and Jim teach you to: bootstrap your AngularJS application; use AngularJS markup and expressions; […]

Video: Navigation Styles and Semantic Zoom in Windows 8 Apps

By Manya Susoev on June 10, 2013

Windows 8 applications offer a number of different styles and techniques for letting our users navigate. In this video excerpt from Designing Windows 8 Apps, Jason Roberts demonstrates Hierarchical Navigation style, Flat Navigation style and Semantic Zoom. In the full course, Jason covers: choosing your best idea; deciding what features to put in version one; […]

6 Examples of Hard to Test JavaScript

By elijahmanor on June 6, 2013

The following content comes from the second module of my Pluralsight course entitled: Front-End First: Testing and Prototyping JavaScript Apps. The rest of the course covers an introduction to Unit Testing, Mocha (a JavaScript test runner), Grunt (a JavaScript task runner), Sinon.js (a mocking and spying library), Mockjax (a way to mock Ajax requests), mockJSON […]

Video: Launch Your SQL Database Into The Cloud with Azure

By Paul Ballard on May 6, 2013

Who needs the hassle of SQL Server Database integration?  Not you anymore, now you can put your SQL Server data into Azure SQL Services even for on-premise applications.  In this video excerpt from Richard Seroter’s new course Patterns of Cloud Integration you’ll see how to do just that.  In the full course Richard also covers […]

Introduction to Bootstrap in 3 Minutes

By Paul Ballard on May 3, 2013

Scott Allen recently published a new course called Introduction to Bootstrap.  While the course itself is only two hours long, he realized that for some that was just not fast enough and so he created this whirlwind introduction.  Look closely and you can see him make a typo in the second hour. [youtube]

Video: Bring Your App Back to Life with Fast Resume in Windows Phone 8

By Paul Ballard on May 2, 2013

A tombstoned app is not necessarily a dead app.  This video excerpt from Yacine Khammal’s new course Introduction to Windows Phone 8 will show you how to build an app that can be resurrected more quickly as well as the pitfalls to avoid in that process.  In the full course Yacine covers everything from setting […]

Video: Keep Your Data Safe with Windows 8 Known Locations

By Paul Ballard on May 1, 2013

Writing data to a file in Windows 8 isn’t quite as simple as it used to be.  In this video excerpt from Jesse Liberty’s new course Windows 8 – From Design to Delivery with C# and XAML you’ll see how to write data in JSON format into a KnownLocation in Windows 8.  In the full […]

Video: Put Down the Old Plotting Calculator and Pick Up MATLAB

By Paul Ballard on April 30, 2013

When you need to create complex visualization of mathematical calculations, and who doesn’t from time to time, you no longer need your weathered TI graphing calculator.  In this video excerpt from Dmitri Neteruk’s new course MATLAB Fundamentals you’ll see how to use the MATLAB environment and language to create 2D and 3D plots from mathematical […]