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New Android player feature in beta – Variable Speed Playback

By Keith Sparkjoy on June 13, 2013

This was a tough one – there’s no native support for variable speed on Android, but our rock star Android developer came through with a solution using our custom FFmpeg player. You’ll see a new speed setting in the upper-right corner of the screen that you can tap to bring up a speed control. Please […]

New Android player released to the Google Play store today: v1.1.151

By Keith Sparkjoy on May 16, 2013

This new release includes a modern look and features you’ve asked for: Easier to use on tablets Recently watched courses at your fingertips Easy to find newly published courses Plus members can now queue entire courses for download All orientations supported on all form factors Improved stability Android player on the Google Play store – […]

Our Android player gets a face lift – v1.1.151

By Keith Sparkjoy on May 6, 2013

This beta build includes a modern look and features you’ve asked for: Easier to use on tablets Recently watched courses at your fingertips Easy to find newly published courses Plus members can now queue entire courses for download All orientations supported on all form factors Improved stability Android player beta release – v1.1.151 Please leave […]

Now you can slow us down!

By Keith Sparkjoy on March 25, 2013

For many years we’ve had the ability to play back our courses at high speed, and that works great when you can understand the author very well. But what about that one course that you really want to watch, but the author speaks a little fast, or maybe English isn’t your first language? Now you […]

Share your Pluralsight achievements with a public profile

By Keith Sparkjoy on February 8, 2013

We recently released a new feature that allows you to customize your Pluralsight profile and show it off to the world! Simply sign into and click your user name in the upper right corner to drop down the menu. Click “Your profile” and you’ll be taken to a page that lets you edit and […]

Our HTML 5 player just got more flexible

By Keith Sparkjoy on December 10, 2012

We asked for your feedback We recently ran a survey about our HTML 5 player. Thanks to all of those who took the time to answer a few questions for us! What we found was that most people are still using the HTML 5 player, and those who switched back to our older Silverlight player […]

Pluralsight’s Customer Support Vision Becomes Reality

By tnell13 on November 8, 2012

Starting October of last year, after seeing some pain points with our customer support, and listening to customer’s suggestions for improvement, Pluralsight decided to make some changes. After some research, we started by working with UserVoice, a customer service helpdesk provider. Our hope was that this would improve our customer’s experience and we would be able […]

HTML 5 Player Beta!

By Keith Sparkjoy on September 28, 2012

Thanks to everyone who helped us test during our Alpha phase! Your feedback was tremendously positive. The HTML 5 player is officially in beta. No URL hacks are necessary to use it now. [youtube]

Android player 1.0.100 pushed to Google Play and Amazon App Market

By Keith Sparkjoy on July 19, 2012

Thanks to everyone who helped beta test! This version is miles ahead of the previous published version (0.96) in terms of stability on a wide range of devices. Prior to this build, many users on lower-powered Android tablets were suffering lag and choppy audio, but with the optimizations in 1.0.100, I think you’ll find all […]

New Android player addresses lag and clip truncation – 1.0.100

By Keith Sparkjoy on July 17, 2012

Our previous beta release was a great step forward, solving lag and audio stutter issues for many of our customers. But for some, it didn’t help enough. We’ve found another optimization that has the app running very smoothly on one of the lowest powered devices out there, the HTC Wildfire S, and we’re confident this […]

Android player beta update addresses lag – 0.98

By Keith Sparkjoy on June 30, 2012

Some users have been reporting stutter in audio and laggy playback on certain devices. We think we’ve made some progress toward solving this problem, and we’d love to get your feedback. For best results, uninstall the old version before installing this beta. Android player beta release – v0.98 Please leave a comment here and let […]

Pluralsight just got better down under!

By Keith Sparkjoy on May 16, 2012

Since we started our video training library, we’ve always used Amazon’s cloud infrastructure (S3 and CloudFront) to handle the heavy lifting of serving video content around the world. And we’ve had very few complaints… …until about three months ago when we started hearing that some of our Australian customers were suffering with long buffering times. […]

Pluralsight app for iOS v1.4.7 released

By Keith Sparkjoy on April 20, 2012

We’re in the middle of fixing some bugs for offline viewing, but we wanted to drop an interim build on the store that fixes a couple of things: * FIXED: When watching an offline module, the “Done” button doesn’t function properly – it takes you to the next clip instead of closing the player. * […]

Want an Instant Answer? We’ve got it!

By tnell13 on April 18, 2012

At Pluralsight we pride ourselves in offering prompt assistance to our customers. The first place to turn when you have a question is our Helpdesk. From our helpdesk you can submit a ticket, post on our Feature Request Forum and New Course Suggestions Forum and look for an answer to a question in our Knowledge Base. A tool that is often […]

Now you can watch videos at high speed in our Silverlight players!

By Keith Sparkjoy on April 12, 2012

We’ve upgraded both our online and offline Silverlight players to use Silverlight 5, which means that you can now watch all of our content at up to 2x speed (this upper limit is dictated by Silverlight but anything faster than 2x is very difficult to follow). If you’re a Plus subscriber using our offline player, try playing a course online […]

Android player version 0.95 now available on Android Market

By Keith Sparkjoy on March 30, 2012

We’ve fixed a number of bugs in our new Pluralsight app for Android since we moved to the FFmpeg library for streaming video. We’ve had our ups and downs, but we’ve got a pretty solid player in place in version 0.95, which was released to the market recently. We also submitted the app to the […]

New Android Beta Player (v0.86) Available for Testing

By Keith Sparkjoy on February 14, 2012

Update (13 Mar, 2012): There’s a newer beta available now – please try that first. We have a new beta build of our Android app with NEON optimizations enabled (at least we think so) for ARM processors. We are hoping should help with the audio stuttering problem that some people have been experiencing on 0.85. […]

Will Pluralsight’s courses help me pass Microsoft certification exams?

By Keith Sparkjoy on February 9, 2012

This question comes up from time to time. While many people have indicated that our courses have helped them pass Microsoft certification exams, we don’t make any attempt to organize our material specifically to help pass those tests. Generally our authors try to focus on teaching best practices with any technology, rather than going in […]

New Android player based on FFmpeg released today

By Keith Sparkjoy on February 2, 2012

A few months back, I blogged that we were starting work on a complete rewrite of our streaming video player due to flaws in the built-in player provided by Android. It felt like climbing Everest for awhile: three steps forward, two steps back, but finally our work is complete, and we’ve released a brand new […]

iOS player version 1.4.5 released today!

By Keith Sparkjoy on January 31, 2012

This morning version 1.4.5 of our iOS player made it through Apple’s review process and went live. We’ve addressed some of the most pressing issues in our iOS player with this release, including the “Fetching Videos” forever bug. This is purely a bug fix release. Thank you so much for your patience, and we hope […]

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