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Here’s how you can easily create custom invoices with PowerShell

By Adam Bertram on December 17, 2014

Did you know you can customize your own invoices with PowerShell? Here’s a quick example of how it works.

Why a data department is essential to your company

By Ben Sullins on October 15, 2014

Data can fuel creativity and intuition. It can tell stories and enlighten us, as well as guide us in our strategic thinking. Here are some of the ways that our own data department is changing the we work for the better.

You need to say goodbye to Windows Server 2003 right now

By Mary Branscombe on October 9, 2014

Support for Windows Sever 2003 is about to end. Here’s how you can get started with your upgrade before it’s too late.

Why you should learn WebGL

By Alex Mackey on October 7, 2014

Did you know that WebGL lets you perform tasks that are simply not possible with other technologies? Here’s a quick look at what it can do and why you should start learning it today.

Here’s the easy way to monitor your Tableau Server

By Mike Roberts on October 3, 2014

Have you been abusing the refresh button just to monitor your Tableau Server? Ditch the constant clicking and try this time-saving tip instead.

Self-improvement technology: Top tools & gadgets

By Whitney Larsen on September 25, 2014

Whether you’re trying to learn French or Chinese, Python or Ruby, we all strive to improve ourselves in some way or another. With September being self-improvement month and technology on your side, “the quantifiable self” has emerged and setting goals and reaching them just got a whole lot easier. These techie tools and gadgets will help you become a better you!

Make your user stories better with this one simple trick

By Jeremy Jarrell on September 24, 2014

Are your user stories as effective as they can be? Here’s the quickest, easiest way to find out.

Why you should care about frameworks

By Chris Reynolds on September 22, 2014

Here’s a quick look at how frameworks like HTML5 Boilerplate can help save you a world of time when working with multiple projects.

Analyzing usage on your Tableau workbooks/dashboard by augmenting the ‘nviews’ field

By Mike Roberts on September 18, 2014

This quick guide will show you how to analyze the usage on your Tableau workbooks including who has viewed your dashboard, when they viewed it, and how many views it received in the last quarter.

Quick tips for adapting to the cloud

By Ron Schindler on September 17, 2014

Much like yoga requires flexibility, adapting to the cloud forces you to bend in ways that you probably hadn’t previously considered. Here’s how you can stop feeling like the rookie in the room.

Here’s how networking affects your users

By Alex Vollmer on September 11, 2014

Networking is deeply intertwined with the user’s experience and overall perception of your application, which is why it’s so important to understand how it all works. Here’s a quick rundown to make sure you’ve got everything running as smoothly as possible.

Back to school (tech) survival guide

By Stacy Warden on September 2, 2014

Not quite ready for school to be back in session? You’re not alone. We’ve rounded up some of the best apps and gadgets to help ease the pain.

5 challenges your IT team needs to prepare for right now

By Don Jones on August 29, 2014

We all know how quickly things change in the IT world, but does your team have what it takes to keep up? Here are five challenges you can’t afford to overlook.

This is why you need to use IDisposable in .NET

By Elton Stoneman on August 26, 2014

Using IDisposable in .NET will help you write the most efficient, effective code. Here are a few simple steps to help you get a handle on it.

Go ahead, unplug: 5 amazing tech-free destinations

By Stacy Warden on August 20, 2014

Here are five amazing places that will help you remember what life was like before technology took over.

Are your users your biggest security problem?

By Mary Branscombe on August 14, 2014

Think controlling user access is a cinch? Think again. Turns out too many IT admins are overconfident about handling data breaches. Here’s how educating your users can help protect your company against attacks.

This is why you should learn Scala

By Justin Pihony on August 5, 2014

Whether you’re tired of writing boilerplate code, struggling to maintain your code or just eager to try something new, you should learn Scala, an open-source, multi-paradigm language. Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know right now.

Show your JavaScript: tools for online demos

By Pam Selle on July 30, 2014

There are many online tools that you can use to show off your JavaScript code, and you don’t have to get hung up on just one. While many of these tools share similar features, it’s their differences that can help determine when they’ll be the most useful. Let’s take a look at the three most common online demo tools to get a better idea of which one will work best for you.

10 tips for new user groups

By Elyse Vasiliades on July 24, 2014

User groups are the perfect way to network, share your technical knowledge and improve your training. Here are 10 insightful tips to help you make the most of yours.

Top tools for unit testing in JavaScript

By Pam Selle on July 15, 2014

Like many things in the world of JavaScript, there are plenty of choices for how to unit test your code. Here are some favorites that can help you save time when setting up a project.