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Meet ‘n’ greet our authors at Microsoft Ignite

By Sonal Amin on May 1, 2015

We have an exciting lineup for you to check out while you’re at Ignite. Be sure to set aside some time and meet your favorite authors.

Learning Path: Python Fundamentals

By Amelia White on April 29, 2015

The courses listed here will help you get up to speed with Python. You’ll start with the basics and will eventually move on to testing, developer tools and working with the Flask Web framework.

Weekly new courses: F#, Azure, CISSP® & more

By Sonal Amin on April 3, 2015

Catch up on our newest courses this weekend. Get a full list here.

Author Summit 2015 recap: Brilliant minds & bright ideas

By Aaron Skonnard on March 24, 2015

This year’s Author Summit was a blast. When you get that many bright minds together—all aligned around a mission to democratize professional learning—big things happen.

Weekly new courses: vSphere, Powershell, Resume tips & more

By Sonal Amin on March 20, 2015

We have a few new courses for you to check out in our library. Get started now.

Why culture is becoming a strategic competitive advantage

By Aaron Skonnard on March 17, 2015

It’s vital for leaders in every business to effectively anticipate trends. Know what challenges your company will face five years down the road and how you can prepare for them.

Which tech jobs pay the most in 2015?

By Aaron Skonnard on March 10, 2015

A new report from Glassdoor revealed that 14 of the top 25 highest-paying jobs that have high demand for talent are tech-related positions. This week on, I share details about “The Top 5 Highest-Paying Tech Jobs in 2015.”

Getting the best people to join your company

By Aaron Skonnard on February 24, 2015

It’s not always easy to find the right people for your company and get them on board. To help solve this challenge, my latest post on shares three strategies that we use at Pluralsight to recruit—and keep—superior talent.

Thanking our vets with free training

By Sonal Amin on November 11, 2014

This Veteran’s Day, we’re honoring those who have served by offering them a free month of training!

Pluralsight partners with LaunchCode and provides training to tech job seekers

By Sonal Amin on November 10, 2014

We are proud to announce a partnership with LaunchCode that will help close the country’s tech talent gap and create a pathway for several successful careers.

Weekly new courses: AngularJS, Python, Swift & more

By Sonal Amin on October 10, 2014

Check out the newest courses from this week in our library.

Getting long term, meaningful results

By Keith Sparkjoy on September 24, 2014

One thing that’s struck me over the last year is that in so many different aspects of life, when you focus directly on what it is you want for yourself, often you end up with short term, shallow results. It seems that in order to get long term, meaningful results, you often need to focus […]

Weekly new courses: AngularJS, .NET, System Center & more

By Sonal Amin on September 19, 2014

We’ve had some great releases this week for your viewing pleasure. Check them out here.

Culture coaches

By Keith Sparkjoy on August 26, 2014

Titles aside, both Max Brown and I are playing the role of culture coaches at Pluralsight. This is an advisory role, and while we don’t make policy decisions, the leadership team seeks advice from us on a regular basis. Deming proposed a transformation of management away from command and control. He proposed substituting “leadership”. Managers are going to have […]

The high performance organization

By Keith Sparkjoy on August 23, 2014

Recently a question came up around Deming’s philosophy – if the system is responsible for 96% of the output, why should the individual work hard if his performance doesn’t matter anyway? Individual performance absolutely matters – each of us are inputs to the system, and Deming was assuming that we are each giving our best efforts when […]

Getting from me to we

By Keith Sparkjoy on August 21, 2014

After watching Simon Sinek’s recent TED talk, “Why good leaders make you feel safe” I was inspired to read his book, Leaders Eat Last. In it, Simon explains that in order to create a safe environment free from fear, managers must put team members before themselves (see Leadership is a service role). But that’s only the […]

Why Deming?

By Keith Sparkjoy on August 11, 2014

This question, along with a similar one, “How did you find Deming?” is one of the most common questions I get as a culture coach here at Pluralsight. Many roads lead to Deming – he was a thought leader in management throughout the latter half of the 20th century, first in Japan where his philosophy […]

Truth Seeking – some history and perspective

By Keith Sparkjoy on August 7, 2014

We have three core values at Pluralsight: Truth Seeking, Entrepreneurship, and Eternal Optimism. Of the three, Truth seeking is probably the weirdest sounding, and I’ve often found that it resonates a bit more once I’ve shared some historical context. Aaron, Fritz, and I have been working together since the late ’90’s (that’s over 15 years […]

Leadership is a service role

By Keith Sparkjoy on August 5, 2014

Stop for a moment and think about what a traditional job in management can be. More pay and perks, with less individual contribution in favor of “using” people to get work done. Set targets, hold your people accountable to those targets, motivate them with carrots and sticks. I suppose a lot of people aspire to […]

Training with Pluralsight around the globe

By Sonal Amin on July 16, 2014

Take a look at how our authors are training with Pluralsight around the globe this summer.