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Keeping Your XAML Apps Responsive

By Paul Ballard on July 17, 2013

As part of their efforts to make creating Windows Store apps easier for developers, Microsoft has released a new tool as part of its upcoming Performance and Diagnostics hub to help developers analyze the responsiveness of their XAML based Windows Store applications.  Launching as part of the Visual Studio 2013 release, this tool includes useful […]

Booting Windows 8.1 Preview from a VHD

By Paul Ballard on July 3, 2013

If like me you find yourself anxious to take the latest version of Windows out for a test run but aren’t quite ready to commit your actual primary system to the potential headaches and pitfalls of pre-release software, there is another solution.  Of course installing it onto a secondary device is an option, but to […]

On Immutability

By Keith Sparkjoy on June 25, 2013

At Pluralsight, we’ve been programming with immutable objects for a couple of years now, and I know some of the team is wondering why we bother. When you’re a traditional OO developer used to updating the state of objects in place, it sure feels weird to go to the trouble of building immutable objects using […]

Android Reaches Number 1 for Tablets and Smartphones

By Paul Ballard on May 3, 2013

What was once thought impossible just happened…Android has displaced iOS as the dominant tablet platform. As reported by IDC, Android now has more than 56% of the tablet market as compared to iOS having less than 40%. For a long time the attitude of both individual developers and organizations about mobile development was to ship […]

What’s Wrong With This Code 2: Windows Forms Application

By Paul Ballard on April 26, 2013

Can you find the problems in this code? It compiles fine, but there are more than one problems here. Hint, some may be obvious but others might be a bit more subtle. using System; using System.Windows.Forms; using System.Data.SqlClient; using System.Collections.Generic; namespace WindowsFormsApplication1 {     public partial class Form1 : Form     {         public Form1()         {             InitializeComponent();             this.button1.Click += new System.EventHandler(this.button1_Click);         }         private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)         {             List<String> names = new List<string>();             using (SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(“Data Source=DBServer;UserId=Username;Password=P@ssword;”))             {                 SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(“sp_GetAllNames”, conn);                 SqlDataReader reader = cmd.ExecuteReader();                 while (reader.Read())                 {                     names.Add(reader.GetString(0)); […]

WACK Your Windows 8 Store Apps

By Paul Ballard on April 24, 2013

The Windows App Certification Kit, or WACK as its known to its friends, is a great tool for preparing your Windows Store App for certification.  The utility will test both compliance with Window Store guidelines as well as performance characteristics based on what it calls “a low-power computer”.  This description is a bit vague and […]

My Clojure Journey: Simple Expressive Tests

By Keith Sparkjoy on April 22, 2013

One thing my team has struggled with in enterprise C# development is the complexity of unit test setup. This is complicated by Domain Driven Design, which encourages the use of concrete classes for entities and values. Test setup often becomes nontrivial as you are often required to set up considerably more of the object graph […]

Using AngularJS: Interview with Dan Wahlin, Joe Eames and Jim Cooper

By dwahlin on April 11, 2013

The AngularJS JavaScript framework continues to increase in popularity among developers and is being used in a wide variety of scenarios. While at the Pluralsight Author Summit in March, Dan Wahlin sat down with Joe Eames and Jim Cooper to talk about how they’ve used AngularJS, their favorite features and how it was used to […]

The Disruptive Nature of Agile

By Jim Cooper on April 11, 2013

In February of 2001, seventeen people gathered at Utah’s Snowbird lodge to discuss software. They were a diverse group, some with competing interests, some of whom admitted that it seemed unlikely that they would “ever agree on anything substantive.” While many of the concepts that emerged as the Agile Manifesto were not new concepts to […]

Android 4.x jumps from 45% of Android devices to nearly 55% overnight

By Paul Ballard on April 8, 2013

That’s right if you look at the Android Dashboard Charts for the current period (period ending April 2, 2013 as of this writing) you’ll find that the combination of 4.0, 4.1, & 4.2 devices is 54.3%. If you looked at the chart for the previous period you find that same family of devices had only […]

ASP.NET 4.5 Web Forms Features – Model Binding

By dwahlin on April 4, 2013

In my last post on ASP.NET 4.5 Web Forms features I talked about the new strongly-typed data controls that are available and how you can now get Intellisense as you access object properties within a server control template. It’s a great feature that you definitely need to check out if you haven’t already. Here’s a […]

ASP.NET 4.5 Web Forms Features – Strongly-Typed Data Controls

By dwahlin on March 27, 2013

I’ve been spending a lot of time over the past few months digging into the new features offered by ASP.NET 4.5 Web Forms while creating my new Pluralsight course and have been pleasantly surprised by all of the great stuff in this release. Web Forms isn’t exactly the cool kid on the block any more […]

SPA JumpStart – Beginning SPA – Part 1

By johnpapa7 on March 26, 2013

It’s almost here! I can feel the end approaching for my new beginner level SPA JumpStart course for Pluralsight (hooray!). I think you’re going to enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it!  I am targeting for it be available mid March 2013. This course fits in nicely to jumpstart SPA development and get […]

10 Developer Job Interview Tips To Land The Best Job You Can

By jsonmez on March 25, 2013

There isn’t a large amount of advice out there on developer job interviews.  I’ve found that many talented developers have difficulty with job interviews, because they spend more of their time focusing on what they are truly passionate about, technology and development, and not much time prepping their interview skills. It’s unfortunate, because having good job […]

Understanding Javascript Prototypes

By Jim Cooper on March 19, 2013

Never heard of prototypes in JavaScript? Heard of them but still don’t quite understand them? Hopefully this post will help clear up some of the mystery around what JavaScript Prototypes are and why you should care. If you aren’t familiar at all with prototypes, they come into play when you start working with objects and […]

Entity Framework Tips and Tricks from Channel 9

By Paul Ballard on March 18, 2013

While attending the recent Microsoft MVP Summit, Pluralsigh author Julie Lerman had the honor and the great pleasure of recording an episode of Channel 9’s Visual Studio Toolbox with Robert Green.  Their plan was that she would prepare five 5-minute demos of some Tips and Tricks that she finds are useful for developers working with […]

My Clojure journey: pure functions

By Keith Sparkjoy on March 13, 2013

In my last blog post in this series, I pointed to 4clojure as a great tool to help you practice writing functions in Clojure. By its very nature, 4clojure only allows you to write pure functions. In this post, I’ll talk about the beauty that I see in pure functions, but also point out that you’ll typically […]

My Clojure journey: Hearts, koans, and 4clojure

By Keith Sparkjoy on March 11, 2013

I blogged recently that my boys and I have started learning Clojure. It’s been an incredibly fun journey so far, sans the challenges of cobbling together a Clojure dev environment (which I’ll talk about another day). I’ve come a long way, and I wanted to share my journey so far, which starts with a card […]

Understanding JavaScript Objects

By Jim Cooper on March 8, 2013

Sometimes I think JavaScript is a very misunderstood language. I think this stems from the fact that a lot of people (myself included) started using JavaScript as a means to complete quick and dirty tasks in browsers. As the web underwent transformations (remember “Web 2.0”?), the demand for richer, more interactive, client-side scripting increased. As […]

Favor Feature Toggles over Feature Branches

By David Adsit on March 7, 2013

As you may be aware, our development process at Pluralsight is a kanban style of agile. We limit our work in progress so that we can maximize the flow of new features into production. When you combine this with our focus on automated testing, use of a continuous integration server, a distributed source control system, […]

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