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July 25, 2008

And the $5,000 Worth of Free Computer Training Goes To …


Our first Words for Training Contest is officially over.

I would like to send a big thank you to everyone who participated!

You will all be rewarded with a free copy of our introductory course to Windows Server 2008, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

We received an overwhelming response to this contest — which meant a lot of reading for us — but it was a great way to get to know so many of our readers. So thank you all for taking the time tell us about yourselves.

Meet the Words for Training Contest Judges

This was our first contest in a long while, so naturally, everyone wanted to get in on the action. In the end we all agreed this was not an easy task — there were just so many great essays, it was really, really hard to pick the best ones.

Here’s everyone who helped with the reading and the judging:

  • Heather Ackmann — Train Signal Instructor
  • Kelly Atkinson — Customer Service Specialist
  • Ben “Coach” Culbertson — Train Signal Instructor
  • Tonia Douglas — Marketing Product Manager
  • Bill Kulterman — Train Signal Instructor
  • Zach Monroe — Technical Support and Sales Specialist
  • Mark Mulvihill — Webmaster and Email Manager
  • Lisa Szpunar — Jr. Product Manager
  • And Me — Editor in Chief of Train Signal Training

Now to the good stuff … here are the Words for Training Contest Winners:

Grand Prize Winner — R. Louis Costley III

R. Louis wins our Complete Training Package (worth over $5,000) which includes every course we offer from Cisco and CompTIA to Microsoft and VMware — a total of 37 courses.

For his interesting take on life in the IT field, R. Louis also gets the opportunity to become a writer for Train Signal Training — to share more of his knowledge and experiences with the rest of us.

Congratulations R. Louis! We hope our free training library will serve you well and that you’ll enjoy being a part of the Train Signal Team!

Read R. Louis’ grand prize winning essay here!

Second Place Winner — Kevin Jackson

Kevin wins our Complete Microsoft Training Package (worth over $3,000) which includes a total of 26 Microsoft training courses.

Read Kevin’s winning essay here!

Third Place Winner — Paula Greenlee

Paula wins our Complete Cisco Training Package (worth over $1,300) which includes a total of 6 Cisco courses.

Read Paula’s winning essay here!

Honorable Mentions

  • Andrew Johnson
  • Mike Chinea
  • Theodore Greer

Our three runner-ups will receive a free Train Signal course of their choice.

A Big Thank You To All Contest Participants!

I would like to thank everyone who participated in our writing contest. We hope you’ve enjoyed the experience and we promise to have lots of giveaways in the near future.

Please remember to check back in the next two weeks to read the winning essays. If you would like to post your own essay on your website or blog, let us know so we can link to it.

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served as the editor-in-chief of the TrainSignal blog from 2007 - 2012. In addition to covering a variety of topics, including IT certification, training and technology news, Kasia was also responsible for the content strategy and website management at TrainSignal. You can connect with Kasia on Twitter @kasialorenc.