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June 6, 2008

Friday Fun: Server Quest and Geek Quiz


It’s Friday!

Time to finish up the week and start to unwind for the weekend.

And to help you relax, I’ve got a couple of fun and geeky distractions that will help you pass the time and get this weekend started.

But before you go on I must warn you, this stuff is for real geeks only …

Server Quest: The Adventures of an IT Guy

For all of you IT pros and server fanatics here’s a perfect way to loosen up … with a little game of Server Quest.

If you’ve always dreamed of playing the geekiest game ever created, then this is your lucky day.

Server Quest is an adventure game created by Microsoft where you get to test your IT knowledge in a number of different games.

In the game you’re Matt, an IT guy who falls for the new security officer Alicia, who’s also a geek.

To win the girl you have to earn geekpoints by playing the little games that quiz you on your knowledge of computers and IT related stuff.

With blocky visuals that bring you back to the early 90s, along with plenty of wacky humor and off the wall music — any geek will feel right at home here.

Geek Quiz: Are You Ready For The Truth?

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re a geek or wanted to measure just how geeky you are, there’s now a scientific way to do it.

Well, it might not be entirely scientific, but it is pretty fun.

The Geek Quiz designed by OnePlusYou can tell you just how much of a geek you are in under 2 minutes.

First you select if you’re a girl or a guy and then answer 22 questions.

Some of the questions are just about your habits, like how many books do you read per month or which operating system do you prefer.

Others are a bit more difficult, like who created /(bb|[^b]{2})/ … which honestly if you know, then you’re a 100% geek in my book.

Anyhow, I didn’t do so well. And it turns out I’m only a 27% geek, but feel free to test yourself and see where you fall.

27% Geek

Know any fun and/or geeky distractions for a Friday afternoon?

Don’t be selfish … share them with the world! Post your fun in the comments below.

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