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March 5, 2007

Hacking Vista?


There have been many reports, or I should say rumors, of free versions of Vista being obtained by guessing the Vista activation key. A key generator creates and tries random key-codes of Windows Vista until it finds a valid one.

According to CNET it checks about 20,000 different key-codes per hour. It is hard to believe that Microsoft would allow something like this to happen (that is why I call it a “rumor”). But you never know. Some people claim that they were able to “hack” Vista and get a free copy.

As of today, Microsoft requires a user to activate his or her copy of Windows Vista within 30 days after the installation. If Vista is not activated in that time period the system starts to run in a “reduced functionality mode” until it becomes activated, CNet reports.

Microsoft is also working on a new antipiracy technology for all of it’s Windows Software. This new technology will lock users completely out of their systems after failing to activate their copy of Microsoft’s software within given time period. This feature will debut in Windows Vista and Longhorn. After that it will be part of all future versions of Microsoft products.


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