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December 4, 2013

Learning path: MCSA: Windows 8


Microsoft’s MCSA certification is the second level of certification (above MTA and below MCSE) and tackles topics that prepare you for an associate-level IT career.

Learning path objective

Strengthen your knowledge in desktop support and administration on the Windows 8 operating system and prepare for the two exams required to earn the MCSA: Windows 8 certification.

Target audience

IT professionals currently working in an environment with Windows 8 or considering migrating to Windows 8. Also, anyone looking to earn the MCSA: Windows 8 certification

Learning path course sequence

Course Duration
Windows 8 Configuring (70-687) Part 1: Initial Configuration 03:43:00
Windows 8 Configuring (70-687) Part 2: Network Configuration 04:22:00
Windows 8 Configuring (70-687) Part 3: Security Configuration 04:46:00
Windows 8 Configuring (70-687) Part 4: Additional Configuration 04:06:00
Windows 8 Managing and Maintaining (70-688) Part 1 04:01:00
Windows 8 Managing and Maintaining (70-688) Part 2 04:06:00
Windows 8 Managing and Maintaining (70-688) Part 3 03:07:00
Windows 8 Managing and Maintaining (70-688) Part 4 04:04:00
Total 32:15:00

Learning path description

In the Windows 8 Configuring courses, Tony Northrup starts you off from the very start with Windows 8, planning, installing and getting it all configured. Once the initial setup is configured he walks you through basic administration and securing your devices. He wraps up the series with some troubleshooting, monitoring and backup/recovery topics. After completing this four part series you’ll be ready to take the first of the two exams, the Configuring Windows 8 – 70-687 exam, required for the MCSA: Windows 8 certification.

The second half of this learning path shifts the focus from setting your Windows 8 devices up to keeping them up and running for your users. John O’Neill Sr. starts off the Managing and Maintaining four course series with coverage of security and uses of virtualization are expanding on the Windows 8 platform. A re-occurring trend throughout the learning path is security. John dives into many of the new mobile security options and tying them in with keeping your networks accessible to users who are remote and on the go. After completing the second four part series you’ll be ready to take the second of the two exams, the Managing and Maintaining Windows 8- 70-688 exam, required for the MCSA: Windows 8 certification.

The Microsoft MCSA: Windows 8 certification is broken into two exams, the 70-687 and the 70-688. While I’ve referenced them as the first and second. There is no requirement to take them in that order. It’s just recommended, because of the topic coverage in each is a natural progression.

Best of luck with your studies and your exams, and let us know if you successfully earn your MCSA: Windows 8.

About the Author

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