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February 26, 2013

New course: for .NET Developers


Dan Appleman has just published a new course: for .NET Developers

You may think is just an extension to Salesforce. You may think it’s a fancy database system. You may think it’s a specialized niche platform. You may think it’s not an interesting space or opportunity for “real” software developers. You’d be wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong.

Who should attend?

.NET developers who are curious about opportunities outside of .NET

What will you learn?

  • You’ll learn about the opportunities on the platform, both financial opportunities (that are quite impressive), and the opportunity to sink your teeth into some very different technical challenges.
  • You’ll learn that offers a very different paradigm for software development than that of .NET (or any other platform) – one that brings dramatic increases in productivity, along with some really interesting and different software design patterns.
  • You’ll see Visual Studio in a way that may not have really considered before, and find that as great as it is (and it is a great development environment), it, and similar traditional developer tools, are not the only way to develop great software.
  • You’ll learn how specific .NET concepts map into, with a focus on web, integration and security concepts.

This course, which is designed specifically to those who are coming to from .NET, is also the ideal prequel to the course “ and Apex Fundamentals for Developers.”

Click here to get started on “ for .NET Developers.” After you watch, please rate this course and others with our star course rating system. Happy Learning!

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