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March 20, 2013

New Course: Introducing ASP.NET SignalR – Push Services with Hubs


We are pleased to introduce our newest author, Christian Weyer, who has just published his first course: Introducing ASP.NET SignalR – Push Services with Hubs

aspnetwebapi-odataOur audience has been asking for it, and with Christian’s help, Pluraslight is bringing it with the first course of an in-depth series on ASP.NET SignalR. This technology enables you to design and build near-real-time web-based applications with the Push Services pattern by implementing hubs and clients – also beyond the web (browser).

Click here to start watching now, rate the course when you finish, and even feel free to start a discussion right there on the course page.

Now for is a little more about our SignalR champion …

CWChristian is a well-known authority in designing and implementing distributed applications architectures – especially in the Windows and .NET-minded world. With his company thinktecture ( he has been focusing on end-to-end concepts & aspects of software systems and their practical translation in customer projects in the past 16 years. His toolset includes technologies like ASP.NET, WCF, MSMQ and WF. Nowadays he is more and more a friend of lightweight architectures based on Web APIs and Push Services with ASP.NET Web API & SignalR. Christian’s views on end-to-end architecture and distributed solutions are considered both mature and innovating. A number of customers have put confidence into his experience when it comes to apply various technologies to real problems. The national and international developer and architect community knows Christian from his weblog, webcasts, forums activities, user group talks and conference performances. He was selected as one of the Microsoft MVPs for Windows Azure [Architecture] and is an independent Microsoft Regional Director for Germany. Get in touch with him at or

Thanks, Christian!

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