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June 13, 2013

New course: Introduction to Building Web Applications with Dart


John Sonmez has just published: Introduction to Building Web Applications with Dart

Dart is an exciting new programming language from Google which is designed to eventually replace JavaScript. Dart is an optionally typed language, meaning that it can be as dynamic as JavaScript, but it also has a type system which can give you the benefits of languages like C# and Java. In fact, you’ll find there is a very short learning curve if you already know Java or C#, Dart will seem very familiar to you. It takes some of the best features of those languages and much of their syntax. You’ll also find that you can start using Dart right now, because Dart code can compile down to standard JavaScript which can run anywhere.

In this course, John will take you through Dart and the Dart platform, and show you the basics of the language. He’ll quickly go over the language itself in a single module and then we’ll jump right in to building a real web application with Dart and the Dart libraries. You’ll learn how to add Dart code to a web page in a very similar fashion that you probably have been doing with JavaScript. You’ll also see the power of the Dart language and libraries as we explore some of the advanced data binding and templating features in the Dart Web UI library. You’ll wrap up the course by going over some of the advanced features of Dart, like concurrency using isolates instead of threads, and mixins that allow us to get the benefits of inheritance without many of the drawbacks. So, if you’ve been interested in Dart, but haven’t wanted to invest the time into learning a whole new programming language, this course will make it as easy and painless as possible. Click here to get started! I hope you enjoy this one. As always, keep watching for more content from John… it’s coming soon.

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