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February 15, 2013

New course: The Go Programming Language


John Sonmez has just published a new course: The Go Programming Language

Go is awesome! It looks like C, but don’t be deceived – it is completely different! The Go Programming Language is a new programming language from Google. It is very different from many other modern programming languages, and is a great substitute for C or C++.

In this course John will cover most of the Go programming language and look at some of the neat things you can do with Go. John progressively covers each important concept in the language and finally ends by looking at concurrency (which is built into the language.) If you are looking for an extremely fast an efficient language that is an elegant replacement for traditional systems programming languages like C or C++, Go might be just what you are looking for. Go allows you many of the benefits of powerful low-level languages, but is very easy to use and designed with today’s programming environment in mind. By the end of this course you should be ready to start programming in Go!

There’s not a better time to start learning a new language than now, click here to Go (pun intended;) directly to the TOC. Happy learning! Stay tuned for more courses from John… there are a few coming very very soon.

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