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March 29, 2013

New course: Using Google’s Cloud for Developers – Google BigQuery


Lynn Langit has just published a new course: Using Google’s Cloud for Developers – Google BigQuery 

Last Monday I promised you more Lynn Langit content, and it’s here!

In her newest course, you will learn about Google’s BigQuery service. This service exposes the power of the Dremel database technologies through query-as-a-service. It allows you to process massive amounts of data using familiar SQL-like query language in an interactive way. You will learn what the service is, in which business scenarios you might want to use it. This course also helps you to understand Dremel technologies in contrast to one of the other BigData technologies – that is Hadoop.

You will see demos of popular 3rd party tools which have connectors to BigQuery. As well as learn how to get started with BigQuery by exploring via the web console and then how to harness the full power of BigQuery in your application by accessing the service via the included APIs. Click here to get started on this course. We hope you enjoy it!

Lynn also has other Google courses in our library, as well as, one of our first kids’ courses. Just a reminder we are offering Lynn and Llewellyn’s Teaching Kids Programming course for FREE to anyone. It’s a brilliant way to teach your children how to code that I highly recommend! As always, we appreciate your feedback. Please let us know what you think about this course and all others you watch.

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