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March 25, 2013

New Hyper-V instructor is a 5th grade whiz kid


Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Probably not because an up-and-coming Microsoft trainer just taught himself Server 2012, and is posting how-to videos with tips for dynamic memory and ISO files.

Just kidding.  Young Caleb may have learned a thing or two from his father along the way. Yung Chou, Microsoft Evangelist, posted a video on his TechNet blog of his son, Caleb, installing virtual machines in Server 2012.

In case you need some help, Caleb does a great job walking through the process of adding Hyper-V roles, creating a virtual switch, and more. We’ll need to keep him at the top of our list as we recruit great instructors to join our team. Watch him work in the following video:

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