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Strategic partnerships.

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Pluralsight Expands into Open Source with Acquisition of PeepCode

By Aaron Skonnard on July 24, 2013

Greetings, friends, Time for some good news and bad news. First, the bad: You just lost your best excuse for not knowing Ruby. The good news? We just acquired PeepCode! If you haven’t heard of it, PeepCode is the go-to online training resource for hardcore open-source developers, offering online video tutorials on Ruby, Ruby on [...]

The Pluralsight Opportunity

By Aaron Skonnard on February 19, 2013

Since our recent Series A funding announcement, we have received numerous emails a day from candidates interested in authoring courses for our professional training library. The questions are usually the same so I decided it was time to write this article on the Pluralsight opportunity and how to get started for those interested. Our goal [...]

Pluralsight + SharePoint = Awesomesauce

By Aaron Skonnard on November 12, 2012

Pluralsight has been investing heavily in building a complete online SharePoint training curriculum for a while now. We’ve been proud to work with expert instructors like Sahil Malik, Rob Windsor, Janis Hall, and Dan Wahlin so far! But we’ve struggled to keep up with the massive size of the SharePoint platform, the version changes, and [...]

Critical Path Training Joins the Pluralsight Library – Over 30 SharePoint Courses Today!

By Aaron Skonnard on September 13, 2012

Today is a big day for Pluralsight customers interested in hardcore SharePoint training. We are excited to announce a new strategic content partnership with Critical Path Training, the leader in professional classroom training for Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies. Through this partnership Critical Path Training will publish their catalog of world-renowned SharePoint courses within the [...]

Free Facebook Platform Training

By Aaron Skonnard on February 7, 2012

Learn how to integrate Facebook with your apps in less than 75 minutes! In partnership with Facebook, we’ve released a professional Facebook Platform Overview online course that you can now watch absolutely free (click below). This professional training course was designed for those who want to integrate Facebook into their own applications/sites and don’t know where to start. The [...]

Free Pluralsight AOP Training for PostSharp Customers

By Steve Woolley on December 21, 2011

Today we’re excited to announce a new partnership with SharpCrafters that provides all PostSharp customers with a free 1-month subscription to our new Aspect-Oriented Programming in .NET online training course authored by Donald Belcham, a PostSharpo MVP and Pluralsight Author. We’re happy to partner with SharpCrafters provide this benefit to the PostSharp community. If you’re [...]

Free Pluralsight Training for ReSharper Customers

By Aaron Skonnard on August 25, 2011

Today we are excited to announce a new partnership with JetBrains that provides all R# customers with a free 1-month subscription to our popular Resharper Fundamentals online training course, authored by James Kovacs, a long-time R# guru and JetBrains Academy Board Member who has some amazing R# tips and tricks to share with you through [...]

BizSpark + Pluralsight

By Aaron Skonnard on May 16, 2011

Today we’re excited to announce our third “Spark” partnership that gives all BizSpark members free Pluralsight On-Demand! training benefits Microsoft BizSpark is a global program that helps software startups succeed by giving them access to Microsoft software development tools, connecting them with key industry players, including investors, and providing marketing visibility to help entrepreneurs starting a business. Today we’re [...]

WebsiteSpark + Pluralsight

By Aaron Skonnard on April 26, 2011

Today we are excited to announce a new strategic partnership between Pluralsight and WebsiteSpark. This partnership gives all WebsiteSpark members free Pluralsight On-Demand! training benefits. WebsiteSpark gives Web designers and developers a jump-start by providing the tools and resources needed to build great websites, free of cost. WebsiteSpark members receive valuable software like Visual Studio, Expression, SQL [...]

Pluralsight Signs Strategic Partnership with SoftFluent

By Aaron Skonnard on April 11, 2011

Pluralsight is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with SoftFluent, a leading Microsoft training and software provider located near Paris. Through this partnership, SoftFluent will act as Pluralsight’s exclusive reseller to corporations in France. “Through its network of world-renowned authors, including many veterans in the Microsoft ecosystem, Pluralsight has developed the most advanced training library [...]

DreamSpark + Pluralsight

By Aaron Skonnard on February 24, 2011

Today we are excited to announce a new strategic partnership with DreamSpark, a Microsoft program focused on giving students professional tools at no charge. Pluralsight has a similar goal, only we’re focused on giving students professional training on the tools at no charge. And that’s why we joined forces with DreamSpark. All DreamSpark verified members [...]