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April 18, 2011

Pluralsight for Android (Beta) now available


We are pleased to announce the availability of our FREE Pluralsight for Android app. You can find it in the Android Market, and it only takes seconds to install and get running.

Pluralsight for Android makes it easy to keep watching your favorite Pluralsight On-Demand! training courses on the go, from anywhere, over WIFI or your wireless data plan.

Once you install it, you can browse the entire Pluralsight training library and select courses to watch. In order to play most videos, you’ll need to login with your Pluralsight credentials. Although our website allows you to login with either your email or your Pluralsight username, this app requires you to login with your Pluralsight username. You can discover your username on ‘your account‘ page on the website, as shown here.

If you don’t have a Pluralsight subscription, you can get one here for only $29/mo that gives you access to watch all courses in the library with this app.

You can browse the library by technology (e.g., ASP.NET, Silverlight, SharePoint, etc) to see the list of courses in that area.

This screenshot shows the list of Silverlight courses, organized in order of difficulty level (green = beginner, yellow = intermediate, red = advanced). If you click on one of these courses, you’ll see a listing of the individual course modules that you can browse and watch in whatever order you choose, and we’ll keep track of what you watch.

Once you begin playing a course module, the flexible video player gives you simple controls for moving around in the current video clip. The player also provides a “module outline” that pops out from the left side, making it easy for you to jump around to the other video clips within the module. These features make our courses very easy to navigate and explore, especially when you’re limited on time or have specific learning needs.

You can also search the entire course library to identify specific course modules that cover the areas you care about. This makes it easy to discover videos and to use the library as a reference while you’re working on a project and get stuck with a problem.

And whether you watch the videos from the Pluralsight website or from this app, we keep track of your learning progress (via the check marks you see above) so you’ll know where to continue next time you login from either application.

This is a beta release, so we appreciate your patience with any problems. All the usual beta caveats apply. Please report any issues you discover and we’ll do our best to resolve them asap. We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy Pluralsight for Android!

Get Pluralsight for Android now.

PS – We also recently shipped Pluralsight for iOS and Pluralsight for WP7.

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