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September 25, 2012

Sweden Pluralsight Study Group


A few months ago we announced the first Pluralsight Study Group formed in New York City. We’ve watched them with keen interest, week by week, as the group has progressed working through several Pluralsight courses together. Each week they watch a course module, have some discussion, and occasionally write code together. The feedback so far has been wonderful, from the organizers and members alike.

Not long after the New York group was formed, one of our strong community advocates in Sweden, Iris Classon, asked about forming another Pluralsight study group in Gothenburg. We readily agreed and the Sweden Pluralsight Study Group was born!

Watch this video recording of Iris presenting during their first meeting a few weeks back to get a feel for what the group is all about.

The group’s site states the following:

Sweden Pluralsight Study Group is a group for curious developers with a deep desire to learn and meet likeminded developers. Devs that wants to stay up to date and expand their knowledge.

By using the large Pluralsight library full of great tutorials by known and trusted authors in a workshop environment we will definitely have the right tools and people on board. With high paced and compact educational seminars in a relaxed environment with passionate developers we strive to make the most out of the time we have.

And it will be fun!

The Sweden group already has 66 registered members and 15-20 attending every week. They are currently working through our course on Building HTML5 and JavaScript Apps with MVVM and Knockout over four consecutive meetings.

I personally had the opportunity to greet the group (via Skype) during their kick-off meeting. It was really cool to engage with them for a few minutes and see their desire to learn from one another in this type of community setting. Very cool, indeed.

And within minutes they were watching their first Pluralsight course together.

After watching a course module, the group then hangs out together and does an ad-hoc “workshop” to exercise the concepts they just learned about in the videos. Hence, their meetings will usually last for 2 – 2.5 hours. Not only is it an amazing learning opportunity, but the members are becoming friends and networking with one another.

We’re very pleased to support these community-driven “study groups” and we’re excited to watch the Sweden group continue to evolve. We also appreciate community leaders like Iris Classon who are passionate about helping local developers progress in their craft.

If you’re interested in starting your own Pluralsight study group, please email

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