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Learn about the different certification paths and options through our detailed IT certification guides on Cisco, Citrix, CompTIA, CWNP, Microsoft, VMware and other popular IT certifications.

Explaining the VMware VCP5-DV exam versus vSphere 5.1

By Ashraf Al-Dabbas on May 14, 2013

While VMware now offers the VCP5-DV certification exam, the exam objectives don’t line up exactly with the full capabilities of vSphere 5.1. Make sense of the software you’re using now, and what you need to know for the exam.

CompTIA’s new e-Learning certificates a step in right direction

By Sean Wilkins on May 9, 2013

CompTIA now offers e-learning, an online solution for courses in cloud, mobility and security. We outline the different certifications available and discuss who should pursue them.

Cert preparation: How to budget for self-study vs. formal training

By Ed Tittel on May 6, 2013

Nervous about preparing for you next big IT certification exam? We outline the value of both self-study and formal training in terms of effectiveness and budget to help you find the solution best for you.

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA): Your first of many IT certs

By Ken Mauldin on May 6, 2013

Looking to get your start in IT? The MTA is the way to do it. We discuss the different options available when you get your Microsoft Technology Associate certification and where you can go from there.

3 questions to ask before forking over money for IT cert prep

By Ed Tittel on April 29, 2013

Don’t get duped when shopping for IT certification prep materials. We have the best tips for evaluating your study material choices and avoiding scams that could get you in trouble.

HP Big Data Solutions certification: What you need to know

By Michael Gabriel Sumastre on April 26, 2013

IT professionals who are looking for fatter paychecks, better job options and job security are getting into big data. But how do you go about certifying your skills in big data? The HP Big Data Solutions Certification Program may be the next step for you.

Get the Ultimate Guide to Preparing for IT Certification Exams

By Chris Magiet on April 24, 2013

Free Download! Read the Ultimate Guide to Preparing for IT Certifications by renowned IT author, Ed Tittel. With this detailed guide you’ll get tips from an expert with 30 years of experience on how to really study for your certification exams, keeping the best study materials handy and how to survive exam day.

6 key steps to being happy with your IT career

By Ken Mauldin on April 19, 2013

Not feeling completely fulfilled in your career but love IT? We’ve outlined 6 tips to get you back to a happy relationship with your career.

How to keep up with VMware’s certifications in 2013

How to keep up with VMware’s certifications in 2013

By Chris Magiet on April 12, 2013

Since VMware made certification changes recently, you need to keep your skill development on track. Watch this great video from David Davis on how to navigate VMware certifications in 2013.

Which cloud certification is right for you?

By Michael Gabriel Sumastre on April 10, 2013

As cloud computing gets even more common, it’s important to think about getting certified in cloud technologies in order to remain competitive. Should you wait for CompTIA Cloud+ or get a vendor-specific cert? We discuss the benefits of the various options.

Breaking down Microsoft exam changes and new question formats

By Ashraf Al-Dabbas on March 28, 2013

Microsoft has recently made revisions to its certification exam formats. They’re more difficult now and focused on real-world scenarios, which makes the exams more interactive and challenging. Learn what these new questions consist of and how to they work, so you can prepare for your next Microsoft certification.

Why IT pros love their jobs

By Chris Magiet on March 27, 2013

Almost half of professionals say that a love for technology is the reason they work in IT. In fact, 47 percent say that it’s the most important reason for staying in the industry. Check out the results from our recent survey, and tell us why you love working in IT.

My decade in IT: Keys to advancing your career

By Ashraf Al-Dabbas on March 22, 2013

In the second installment of our My Decade in IT series we discuss the ways to advance your career and make productive changes. Learn why it’s bad to stay in one place and how you can create your own opportunities for advancement.

Get re-certified as Cisco exams are retired

By Michael Gabriel Sumastre on March 13, 2013

Often with new technology comes new skills, and Cisco certifications play a big part in how IT pros train for new equipment and standards. CAT cables may not have changed much in the past decade, but the world certainly has. It’s okay if you have a retired Cisco certification, but here’s to learning something new.

Getting Certified on Your Company’s Dime: How to Ask Your Boss to Foot the Bill

By Stacy Warden on March 1, 2013

Asking your employer to cover the costs of obtaining a certification can be tricky. We outline the best strategies to prepare you to pop the big question and make it happen.

The Future of the IT Systems Administrator: How to Stay Qualified

By Michael Gabriel Sumastre on February 28, 2013

The job outlook for IT admins is looking very good, but high prospects do not necessarily guarantee success. Take a look at some recent trends that spell dollar signs for those working in systems administrator, and how make sure your personal development is on track.

IT Certifications: 4 More Reasons to Get Certified

By Benjamin Roussey on February 18, 2013

Will your experience or your snazzy certification get you the job? We go over why employers look for specialized certifications when shuffling through resumes and what this means for you.

Top 3 Computer Degrees to Consider for Your IT Career Path

By Greg Stuart on February 15, 2013

If you decide to pursue an IT-related degree, these three options will best prepare you for the career you want, depending on your interests and dream job.

The IT Certification vs. Work Experience Debate

By Benjamin Roussey on February 11, 2013

What are employers for looking when they investigate new hires? We evaluate the certification vs work experience debate for 2013 job hunters.

20 Most-Common Terms Entry-Level IT Professionals Should Know

By Michael Gabriel Sumastre on February 8, 2013

Have your heart set on a job in the IT field? We list the most important terms rookies should know, and why they should know them to be successful.