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Play by Play: Touch-based Morse code application with Peter-Paul Koch

Play by Play: Touch-based Morse code application with Peter-Paul Koch

By Hector Gonzalez on November 17, 2014

Learn from the founder of, the legendary PPK, Peter-Paul Koch! Watch as he builds a simple app from scratch and debugs it on several different devices. Yeah, we’re excited too.

Weekly new courses: Microsoft Orleans, Oracle, AngularJS & more

By Lora Beros on September 26, 2014

We’ve released a bunch of class-A topics for you to dive into this weekend. Check out our new courses here.

Top developer trends of 2013, what to watch for in 2014

By Manya Susoev on January 10, 2014

We’re pretty good about keeping an eye on the shifting trends in technology, especially when it comes to the developer world. After all, we wouldn’t be able to provide you with high-quality, relevant courses if we didn’t. By taking the expertise of our staff and combining their input with data from our most popular courses, we were able to create this list of top developer technologies/methodologies for 2013, and trends you should be prepared for in 2014.

New Features in Windows Azure SDK 2.1

By Paul Ballard on August 30, 2013

Several weeks ago, Microsoft announced their new Windows Azure SDK 2.1, an announcement which although you may have missed it (I did) includes some very nice new features.  Along with relatively minor improvements like a new Emulator Express option and support for stopping and suspending VMs directly within Visual Studio Microsoft also cut loose with a Windows Azure [...]

The Reports of the PC’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated!

By Paul Ballard on August 20, 2013

PC sales have been declining steadily for the past five quarters according to a report from the BBC, falling all the way to circa 76 million units.  This steady downward slide has many people ready to declare PCs as dead as the proverbial door nail with mobile devices now grabbing all of the consumer spending [...]

BYO responsibly: Do’s and Don’ts of BYOD policy

By Abhinav Kaiser on July 15, 2013

You may have BYOD, but do you have a policy? If not, you’re already behind. Keep best practices in place with a guide to creating BYOD policy.

SMBs going mobile faster than enterprises, but not doing right

By Chris Magiet on June 13, 2013

A recent survey of Spiceworks users has found that SMBs are beating enterprises to the punch when it comes to BYOD. While smaller companies may be more agile when it comes to implementing a strategy, many are ignoring security threats by not implementing mobile device management (MDM) solutions as well. How is your organization facing the BYOD boom?

The democratization of BlackBerry

By Lynn Greiner on June 4, 2013

The days seeing a BlackBerry in the hands of every businessman and woman have come and gone, but does the birth of the BlackBerry 10 mean a comeback? We examine the new features associated with the latest BlackBerry series and whether these innovations are enough to bring the BlackBerry back into corporate dominance.

How to handle BYOD questions in your enterprise

By Peter De Tender on May 31, 2013

Since there’s a lot of misconception about BYOD standards and the cloud, look at some common questions raised in large companies these days and how to deal with them.

CompTIA’s new e-Learning certificates a step in right direction

By Sean Wilkins on May 9, 2013

CompTIA now offers e-learning, an online solution for courses in cloud, mobility and security. We outline the different certifications available and discuss who should pursue them.

Software-defined networking is the future with HP’s Moonshot Server

By Michael Gabriel Sumastre on April 30, 2013

The HP Moonshot Server is here delivering the first software-defined network server, capable of storing a high number of servers with fewer complications along the way. One of the downsides is that it is limited in the types of environments it supports, but what does this new server mean for the future of software-defined networking?

New course: Mobile First Responsive Web Design

By Megan Russell on April 29, 2013

Jon Flanders has just published: Mobile First Responsive Web Design Responsive web design is a recent strategy for building web sites that can respond and adapt to multiple devices and their respective resolutions. Mobile first is the concept of creating the design for your mobile web site first, and then building out that design for [...]

Near-field communication 101: Challenges, uses and careers

By Michael Gabriel Sumastre on April 1, 2013

See how the future of near-field communication (NFC) in mobile devices opens up new ways for businesses to reach customers. By simply tapping your mobile device to something also enabled with NFC, you can trigger a number of cool actions. Check out how this emerging technology is “tapping” into the mobile business boom.

Samsung gets more enterprise-friendly with the Galaxy S4

By Lynn Greiner on March 20, 2013

With enhanced security features, Active Directory support, smart card multi-factor authentication and other new features, the latest phone from Samsung shows the company is taking businesses seriously while still appealing to customers.

What can we expect from the new Ubuntu OS?

By Michael Gabriel Sumastre on March 15, 2013

A new OS has hit the scene. We discuss the potential for Ubuntu and how it could potentially shake up the competition with its late 2013 release.

Video: Get To Know Your App Store

By Paul Ballard on March 5, 2013

It takes more than just slick code to make a top selling app, and in this excerpt from Amber  Mac’s new course Introduction to Mobile App Marketing you’ll get some solid statistics on the most popular app stores and an understanding of how that can affect your application targeting.  In the full course Amber also [...]

CompTIA Announces New Communities and Partner Programs

By Chris Magiet on February 7, 2013

The IT cert organization, CompTIA, recently made some additions to their community outreach programs, called Mobility and Advancing Women in IT. See what CompTIA is trying to accomplish with these new initiatives, plus some more announcements about membership.

App Development in the Cloud: 3 Things You Need to Know

By Michael Gabriel Sumastre on January 29, 2013

The rush to use cloud infrastructure is now starting disrupt the developer landscape. Find out why in this basic overview of how cloud infrastructures are used in web development.

iPad Tools for the IT Professional

iPad Tools for the IT Professional

By Jillian Pandav on January 23, 2013

In this on-demand webinar, mobility expert and TrainSignal instructor John O’Neill Sr demonstrates six different IT apps on the iPad and shows how they can benefit IT pros in the workplace.

2013 New Year’s Resolutions: Apps to Keep You In Line

By Mike Lata on December 22, 2012

As 2013 approaches, it’s time to think of your new year’s resolutions. No matter what you vow to work on in the new year, you’re not alone. There are apps to help you!

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