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Here’s how you can use Office APIs and SharePoint to replace Access apps

By Mary Branscombe on August 8, 2014

Did you know that you don’t have to completely rewrite your Access apps in order to make them more accessible? Here’s how you can use Office 365 APIs, Access Services and SharePoint to turn them into apps that make everyone’s life a little easier.

How Office 365 can eliminate daily business frustrations

By Ron Schindler on March 21, 2014

In businesses small and large, there are areas of frustration that we find ways to ignore or patch but never actually get taken care of. Picking the right business partners, location or even employees will remain as challenging areas, but some of the others can be addressed through technology.

XP must go: Time to move to Windows 7 or 8?

By Lynn Greiner on April 15, 2013

With minimal Windows XP support ending next year, it’s time to migrate to another OS. Which one should you choose? We compare the options available and give you tips to help you transition out of XP.

Microsoft Lync 101: Its features and compatibilities

By Michael Gabriel Sumastre on April 11, 2013

Microsoft has revamped the office environment yet again with Lync. We describe the main features and benefits of Microsoft’s new Office Communicator and how your company can make the best use of this tool.

Start your career with the right IT certifications

By Sean Wilkins on March 11, 2013

The IT certification landscape is large and diverse. Since technology from different vendors like Microsoft, Citrix and VMware changes frequently, knowing the impact on your career and be difficult to understand. Use this guide to make sure you start your certification exam prep efforts with the right path in mind.

New Courses: Understanding SharePoint 2013 Parts 1, 2 and 3

By Jason Salmond on March 5, 2013

Sahil Malik has just published the first courses in his new ‘Understanding SharePoint 2013′ series: 1. BasicsĀ  This course sets the scene by giving you the first taste, touch, and feel of using SharePoint 2013 and Office 365. It will give you an idea of what is it like to be part of a SharePoint [...] Officially Launches, Bashing Gmail Along the Way

By Dana Gagnon on February 19, 2013

The rivalry between Microsoft and Google isn’t a secret, but it’s never been this public. Microsoft’s new Scroogled ad campaign attacks Google’s use of targeted ads, and things are getting even more heated as is available to the public starting today.

Office 2013 or Office 365: What’s the Difference and Why So Confusing?

By Heather Ackmann on February 5, 2013

Even a Microsoft MVP has a hard time keeping up with Microsoft’s branding and names for its productivity applications. She breaks down the differences between Office 2013 and 365, and tells you which one is right for you.

Do Cloud Computing Providers Need Standards? | Part 1

By Michael Gabriel Sumastre on November 27, 2012

In the first part of our two part analysis on the need for standardization of cloud computing we list a series of player in the cloud computing game and what each company brings to the table.

Don Jones on Moving to MS Office 365

Don Jones on Moving to MS Office 365

By Kasia Lorenc on July 31, 2012

In this interview, Don Jones explains his experience moving to Microsoft Office 365, and some of the different options and potential pitfalls to consider, especially in regards to migration.

Getting Started with Office 365 Migration

Getting Started with Office 365 Migration

By Kasia Lorenc on July 24, 2012

Make sure you’ve covered all your bases before migrating to MS Office 365. Check out Brian Desmond’s tips for a smoother migration, and how to prepare the organization for such a significant platform move to the “cloud.”

How To Set Up Microsoft Office 365 Beta for Small Business

By Brian Nelson on June 8, 2011

Microsoft Office 365 runs all of the necessary software and applications that a small business needs and the setup can be accomplished by any reasonably tech savvy small business owner. See how to setup an Office 365 team, permissions and licenses in Office 365 beta.

Microsoft Office 365: Cloud-Based Web Applications

By Brian Nelson on May 24, 2011

Microsoft Office 365 is currently in beta and if you haven’t given it a try yet, here’s what you need to learn about the new platform. In this article we’ll take a look at the Office 365 applications, email and calendar functions in Office 365 and more.