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Make your user stories better with this one simple trick

By Jeremy Jarrell on September 24, 2014

Are your user stories as effective as they can be? Here’s the quickest, easiest way to find out.

5 tips to help you hire the best software developers

By Jack Wallen on September 5, 2014

Hiring software developers doesn’t have to be as complex as it seems. Here are five simple ways to help you bring on the best.

New course: Windows Internals

By Alain Koffi Sessi on August 7, 2013

Meet Pavel Yosifovich, our newest author. He has just published his first course, Windows Internals. If you develop software for Windows, you need to understand the way Windows works, its mechanisms, and algorithms. This knowledge will enable you to write software that can take advantage of Windows’ strengths. In this course, Pavel explains all the [...]

The Disruptive Nature of Agile

By Jim Cooper on April 11, 2013

In February of 2001, seventeen people gathered at Utah’s Snowbird lodge to discuss software. They were a diverse group, some with competing interests, some of whom admitted that it seemed unlikely that they would “ever agree on anything substantive.” While many of the concepts that emerged as the Agile Manifesto were not new concepts to [...]

Video: Get to Know the Interview Process to Land a Great Job

By Paul Ballard on April 1, 2013

So you’ve sent your newly polished resume in for that perfect job; now what?  In this excerpt from John Sonmez’ new course Preparing For a Job Interview you’ll get an overview of a common interview process and tips on how to make the most of each step in the process.  In the full course John [...]

10 Developer Job Interview Tips To Land The Best Job You Can

By jsonmez on March 25, 2013

There isn’t a large amount of advice out there on developer job interviews.  I’ve found that many talented developers have difficulty with job interviews, because they spend more of their time focusing on what they are truly passionate about, technology and development, and not much time prepping their interview skills. It’s unfortunate, because having good job [...]

The Case of the Stressed-out Coder

By Dan Appleman on March 5, 2013

Some years ago I started writing occasionally in a genre that I call the “Soft-boiled detective techno-thriller parody”. It’s been a while since I’ve written one – I hope you enjoy it. The Southwest flight to Salt Lake City was turbulent, mostly due to the terrified shudders of the passengers with peanut allergies. I was [...]

The Power of Positive Failure

By Paul Ballard on February 20, 2013

While it might seem a bit paradoxical to think that there could be such a thing as a “good” failure the fact is that some failures lead to better code, better developers, and ultimately a better product.  On the other hand, some failures are only “bad” and lead to nowhere particularly pleasant.  It helps to [...]

Strategy versus Tactics for Product Managers

By Paul Ballard on February 14, 2013

Doug Seven, former Visual Studio Director of Product Management and now Executive VP of BlackOps at Telerik posted a great description of the differences between strategy and tactics in the art of product management.  Along with defining the difference between strategy and tactics he also points out the importance of measurement as a tool to [...]

Who Decides What Is A “Best Practice”?

By Paul Ballard on January 29, 2013

Nick Malik posted an excellent blog post as a result of viewing several sessions during the Open Group Conference that had him ask how we decide what constitutes a “Best” practice.  In the blog post he describes the difference between agreement on the suitability of a practice and the labeling of that agreement as “Best”. [...]

Video: Do You Have An Education Strategy?

By Paul Ballard on January 25, 2013

Being a developer takes more than skill with today’s technologies, you also have to have your eye out for tomorrow’s as well.  In this video excerpt from Dan Appleman’s new course Career and Survival Strategies for Software Developers you’ll get an understand of why the software field is different from other fields and the importance [...]

The Art of Productivity

By dwahlin on January 22, 2013

Getting things done has always been a challenge regardless of gender, age, race, skill, or job position. No matter how hard some people try, they end up procrastinating tasks until the last minute. Some people simply focus better when they know they’re out of time and can’t procrastinate any longer. How many times have you [...]

A Nod to Professionalism

By Jim Cooper on January 3, 2013

When did our industry make the transition to one where foul language, off-colored women-demeaning jokes, and illicit drug glorification became a respectable and celebrated medium for talking about software practices?  Did I miss something?  Perhaps an announcement or white-paper suggesting the new appropriate way to present to our industry? I attended the software craftsmanship conference in [...]

100% Resource Utilization Does Not Equal 100% Productivity

By Paul Ballard on May 15, 2012

If your development staff is being fully utilized, are you really getting 100% productivity?  Not according to a recent article in the Harvard Business Review.  In that article they seek to dispell six myths about product development including the idea that high utilization of resources will improve performance.  One of the reasons that high utilization [...]