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New courses: OWASP, React, Windows Server and more

By Manya Susoev on March 20, 2014

We released some pretty big courses week including the much anticipated web security and OWASP big picture course from Troy Hunt and a course on React from Liam McLennan. We’re also nearing the end of the first quarter of 2014, and did you know we’ve already released over 100 courses? We know how to hustle!

Top IT admin trends of 2013, predictions for 2014

By Manya Susoev on January 8, 2014

Using the combined expertise of Pluralsight staff, and data collected from our most popular courses, we put together a list of top IT admin technologies for 2013, and a few predictions on the trends you should look out for in 2014.

The hardest topics on the Windows Server MCSA exams are….

By Dana Gagnon on August 8, 2013

We polled more than 300 people who recently sat for the MCSA to find out which topics they found to be the most challenging. Will this help you focus your studies? Yes, but there’s an important truth about the exams you should know before jumping in.

How to set up a high availability test lab

By Ken Mauldin on July 29, 2013

High availability (HA) must work perfectly to prevent loss of crucial company data. Testing and deploying HA can mean a big lab with expensive hardware, or does it? Using VMware Workstation and some free software, setting up an HA lab can take as little as one hour.

4 features to cross off your Windows failover cluster wish list

By Ken Mauldin on July 18, 2013

The failover clustering features of your dreams are finally ready for you to enjoy with Windows Server 2012. Check out one expert’s wishlist, and how his top features can be leveraged by Windows Server admins.

Microsoft Releases Best Practices for Virtualizing SQL Server 2012

By Paul Ballard on July 10, 2013

The SQL Server team at Microsoft has just published a new white paper called Best Practices for Virtualizing and Managing SQL Server 2012 which provides guidance and recommendations for companies who want to virtualize their SQL Server implementations.  The paper is a wealth of useful information and covers topics such as host clustering, configuring virtual machines, and [...]

TechNet subscriptions: So long to a good thing

By Marco Shaw on July 2, 2013

Microsoft has announced the death of TechNet subscriptions. Many IT pros rely on the site for licenses to test out different products. Will the free offerings stack up and why did Microsoft decide to go this route anyway?

Fast Storage Spaces performance makes Server 2012 R2 impressive

By Mary Branscombe on July 2, 2013

Check out how the high-performing Storage Spaces feature is so effective at reducing the cost of tiered storage with thin provisioning in Windows Server 2012 R2. Is it so fast that EMC is in trouble?

Baby’s first data center | The micro server

By Lynn Greiner on July 1, 2013

Is your small business cramped? Sometimes its more than desk space that suffers. These two mini servers could be the solution to your data center space problem.

The Windows Server 2012 news from TechEd you can’t ignore

By Marco Shaw on June 12, 2013

Most conferences pack a ton of information into a short amount of time and TechEd 2013 was no exception. There was significant news about Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft’s release cycles, PowerShell and more. Find out the most important info that will impact your work now and in the future.

The most interesting things we’ve learned at TechEd 2013 so far

By Dana Gagnon on June 5, 2013

We’re a little over half-way through TechEd 2013. With hundreds of sessions already in the books, I asked conference attendees who were standing in the hours-long line waiting to purchase a highly discounted Surface, “What’s the most interesting thing you’ve heard or learned so far?”

Microsoft TechEd 2013 Day 1 Recap

By Paul Ballard on June 4, 2013

Microsoft’s premiere developer and IT conference kicked off today in New Orleans and like any good conference it included a number of product and service announcements including Windows Server 2012 R2, SQL Server 2014, Windows Azure enhancements, and a sneak peak at Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2013.  Here’s a recap of the major [...]

Better storage and VMs on the way in Server 2012 R2

By Chris Magiet on June 3, 2013

At the TechEd 2013 Keynote, Microsoft announced new features for Server 2012 R2 were announced, as well as newly competitive pricing for Windows Azure and more. Check out the Microsoft technologies coming later this year with TechEd 2013 coverage.

Give me my space: How to resize Windows Server drives in VMware

By Marco Shaw on May 23, 2013

Learn some best practices and quick techniques for increasing RAM, CPU and disk space for VMware virtual machines in your Windows Server 2012 environment with this guide on how to resize your drives.

Inside healthcare IT: An IT job success story

By Dana Gagnon on May 17, 2013

What’s a key thing you need to know to get a job in healthcare IT? The answer might surprise you. TrainSignal customer Mark Latham shares what he’s learned in eight years in the business, including how to stay relevant and learning to love your job.

How to set up Windows Server 2012 backup

How to set up Windows Server 2012 backup

By Chris Magiet on May 8, 2013

Learn how a Windows Server 2012 backup is configured, including setting up jobs and the new bare-metal restore solution in this free clip from our Advanced Services (70-412) training.

Configure remote access roles in Server 2012 for a VPN

Configure remote access roles in Server 2012 for a VPN

By Chris Magiet on May 1, 2013

Watch our lead Windows Server instructor, Ed Liberman, configure a VPN with remote access roles correctly in the Windows Server 2012 environment with a free training clip from our Administering (70-411) course.

How to manage group policy in Server 2012

How to manage group policy in Server 2012

By Chris Magiet on April 24, 2013

See how group policy works in the Windows Server 2012 environment with 2 free clips: one for beginners and one related to configuring remote access. Both are taught by Microsoft MVPs!

How to configure ADFS in Windows Server 2012

How to configure ADFS in Windows Server 2012

By Chris Magiet on April 19, 2013

Learn how to configure Windows Server ADFS, where Federation Services will give your users single sign-on capabilities.

Choose your DHCP failover option: Hot Standby and load balance modes

By Ken Mauldin on April 17, 2013

There’s better ways to achieve high availability in your environment now with Windows Server 2012. Hot Standby mode is enhanced as an alternative to load balance mode for failover. Load balancing is still a good solution, but DHCP Hot Standby lets you designate a secondary (standby) server for immediate fallback.