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Our Career section has information on how to find your dream tech job, prepare for your next job interview and write a winning resume so you can take your IT career to the next level.

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4 ways to launch your product inside a big company

By Paul Ballard on April 8, 2014

By now most of us have heard the story of how one man’s puzzle game called Flappy Bird netted him bazillions of dollars or how a geek named Mark Zuckerberg catapulted his way to hoodied nerd history. But not every developer is out there going at it alone. While we might idealize the rugged individualist programmer, many of us work as a part of a team inside giant beasts known as corporations. So what happens if you have a great idea for a product but want to build it while still taking advantage of your employer’s 401(k) matching program?

How to shift roles with an evolving job market

By Sean Wilkins on April 4, 2014

As most people who work in technology fields know, things change, and often they change quickly. It’s easy to become comfortable in a specific role or position and forget about the world outside your zone. This is why it’s important to keep tabs on trends in your field and the ones around them, even they don’t directly involve you. Let’s take a look at some of the methods that can be used to maintain proficiency in both your current position and those in the future.

Report shows IT training can boost your career

By Manya Susoev on April 2, 2014

It’s believed that keeping up with changes in technology is one of the most effective ways to gain a competitive edge in the job market. Spiceworks, a popular destination for IT professionals, recently released a report focused on the value of training. The results are not surprising: IT pros overwhelmingly agree that ongoing training is valuable to their careers, and is one of the best ways to stay current.

Is loyalty in the workplace dead?

By Dan Appleman on March 28, 2014

The social contract between company and employee has certainly has changed. Employees used to stay with one company for the entirety of their career in exchange for guaranteed job security, pensions and the opportunity to grow. But today, the relationship between employer and employee looks more like a short-term business deal. Has workplace loyalty eroded?

How do you manage more than one personal brand?

By Jason Alba on March 25, 2014

Personal branding is a popular topic when it comes to careers and promoting yourself, especially online. But what happens when you have more than one personal brand? A Pluralsight user asks how to self-brand while working in at least two very contrasting roles and industries. It’s a commonly asked question, and the first step is to decide if one outweighs the other. But where do you go from there?

10 reasons to treat employees as people not assets

By Jack Wallen on March 19, 2014

For many businesses, nothing is more important than the bottom line. It determines if the lights stay on or not. But there’s a hidden danger there: treating your employees as if they’re nothing more than cogs in a machine. Once you’re in that mindset, you’ll find yourself on the losing end of a long and hard battle. Why does it matter?

Can you have too much experience on your resume?

By Jack Wallen on March 5, 2014

You’ve been in your field a long, long time. You’re still on top of your game, but trends show a shift to a younger crowd. You’ve been applying to jobs, and you know you can keep up with, if not surpass your younger counterparts in both time worked and skill, but getting that first foot in the door seems to have become an issue, and you can’t figure out why.

Developer and other tech roles are this year’s best jobs

By Manya Susoev on February 24, 2014

If there was ever any doubt that developers are taking over the world, this year’s 100 Best Jobs from US News settles it. For the first time in the history of US News’ annual top 100, a technology job sits in the number one spot: software developer.

How to make firing less painful

By Jack Wallen on February 19, 2014

The life of middle and upper management isn’t always fist-bumps and booyahs. There are moments when the weight of the company rests squarely on the shoulders of those that run the company. One such moment is when it comes time to send an employee packing. Sure there are certain instances when that moment is a relief (bad seeds always somehow manage to get employed). But when a good employee must be released, that moment can crush the soul of the one handing out the dreaded “pink slip.”

6 top-paying tech jobs for 2014

By Manya Susoev on February 11, 2014

According to recently released salary guides from Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group, companies are raising base salaries of in-demand roles in order to keep up with fast-changing trends in tech. The biggest increases were seen in roles where IT and digital professionals would help organizations boost their competence in data and business intelligence, information and network security, and mobile design and development.

How to know when it’s time to quit

By Jack Wallen on February 10, 2014

At some point in your professional life, you’re going to begin to wonder if you’re in the right place or if you are doing yourself any favors by staying at your current job. It’s often a struggle to know, and I mean really know, if you should stay or move on. Unfortunately, there is no formula for this. There isn’t a series of questions that will lead you to anything resembling a conclusion. In the end, the decision is yours, but even arriving at the decision is a challenge in itself. So how do you know when it’s time to quit?

5 simple tips for nailing a job interview

By Jack Wallen on February 4, 2014

Interviews are one of the single most nerve-wracking tasks you will ever complete. They can be degrading, trying, testing, and numerous other sanity-challenging adjectives. Most schools (especially those of a business nature) try hard to prepare you for what’s to come. Unfortunately, schools cannot teach you everything. There are some skills that simply come from experience. One such skill is the art of the interview.

5 ways to motivate your team

By Manya Susoev on January 31, 2014

Keeping your technology employees motivated and happy isn’t always easy. Sometimes you’re faced with a staff who is losing productivity and even searching for new employment. Our 5 Proven Ways to Motivate and Retain your Technology Team guide will aid you in building an environment that fosters loyalty and growth.

How to speak tech to non-tech people

By Jack Wallen on January 27, 2014

Let’s set the scene: You have a massive undertaking that requires you to explain to your boss’ boss exactly why you need to employ encryption key authentication in order to secure the transmission of various data. That’s when you’re met with the famous ‘deer in the headlights’ glare and the “Can you speak in English? I don’t understand nerd!” response. We’ve all heard this before — or at least have heard stories about it being said to others. But it’s important to understand that it’s not an insurmountable hurdle.

How to run a tech conference

By Joe Eames on January 7, 2014

Since the dawn of time, or at least the ’80s, conferences have been a mainstay of the computer industry. From week-long events that attract thousands of people, to single-day local conferences with a few dozen attendees, organizing and holding your own conference can be a daunting task.

Learn more programming languages, make more money

By Mary Branscombe on January 2, 2014

Like most developers, you probably have a favorite programming language. But did you know that only focusing on one language could affect not only your career, but your income potential as well? If you want to increase your salary, you’ll need to learn, and become good at, using multiple tools and multiple programming languages instead of specializing in just one.

How to effectively set goals for your team

By Jack Wallen on December 24, 2013

Another year end is upon us. Whether you and your company had a successful year, or one not so filled with success, you’re looking into the future to figure out how you can either re-create successes or avoid making the same mistakes. One way to do that is to set attainable goals for your team.

Tips for getting a better bonus

By Craig Golightly on December 12, 2013

Ah, the end of the year — time for some traditions! Whether it’s a favorite food, getting together with friends or family, watching or participating in sporting events, or whatever your thing is this time of year, for many professionals the end of the year also means bonu$ time. Ca-Ching!

CIOs reveal IT hiring forecast for first half of 2014

By Manya Susoev on December 10, 2013

Robert Half Technology just released its IT Hiring Forecast and Local Trend Report for the first half of 2014. The survey results are mostly positive, with 16 percent of U.S. chief information officers (CIOs) planning to grow their teams by hiring additional talent, and only two percent planning to reduce their staff.

Why developers should care about design

By Jason Roberts on December 10, 2013

When I first started programming, graphical user interfaces (GUIs) didn’t exist. Interaction with the user was achieved through simple text-based prompts (I have fond memories of playing text-based adventure games as a child). Today, our apps run on touch-enabled hardware where we can take advantage of additional inputs such as the shaking of a phone to roll virtual dice.