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July 11, 2013

The Power of Teaching Online


When I first started teaching professional courses on software development, I quickly fell in love with the process. I really enjoyed the process of breaking down difficult technologies and creating educational stories that “clicked” for students. Watching students have their epiphany moments and seeing their confidence build was a huge reward. Addictive.

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After a while, I longed to reach more students and to create more of those special learning moments with students around the world. I wanted a model that would allow me to teach what I loved and not be bound by the constraints of time and location. I was also getting tired of living on a plane and in random hotels – as was my family – and wanted to change that.

I believed technology itself would eventually open a way to make all of these things possible. I just wasn’t sure if the economics would work well enough to encourage top industry experts to move to teaching online.

Fast forward a few years and Pluralsight was born.

As Pluralsight continues to evolve, we’re watching this vision become a reality. Today technology is continuing to change the way students and teachers think about learning. For students it provides flexibility and efficiency that lead to cost-effective access to the world’s best teachers, regardless of location. For teachers it provides a worldwide audience and financial benefits that scale-up with the number of potential students.


These benefits are now attracting some of the world’s brightest minds to teaching online, and they’re seeing serious financial returns from it.

Pluralsight’s economic success is a great example. Check out our recent press release for some interesting stats about instructor earnings.

Given the scale of our global student base, our top instructor will make over $1 million in 2013 alone and has already earned over $1.8 million since joining the company. Pluralsight’s top five instructors average more than $400,000/year and the company-wide average is over $40,000/year.

Not bad for passive income.

You no longer have to be anywhere for that income to keep rolling in. No more planes and hotels. No more repetitive teaching. No more small groups. You can instantly reach a massive audience once your course is published. Then the magic happens – when you’re flooded with feedback from students around the world – letting you share those “special moments” with them. That’s the fuel that drives most teachers to keep teaching.

Now that your course is online and available to everyone, anytime, anywhere, you can take the time you would have spent teaching in a classroom and use it to teach new ideas and topics online, which leads to even more financial return – and thanks to the residual nature of the passive income, the ROI tends to build and build over time.

The Pluralsight business model is designed to reward the very best teachers who produce the highest quality and most engaging material for our students. As course quality and student interests do vary, not everyone will see the same returns, but we do find that most of our teachers are very happy with the return on their investment of time.

Bottom line: If you have technical expertise to share with the world, and you’re a good teacher, there’s a lot of opportunity at Pluralsight.

The Pluralsight model illustrates the power of teaching online today. We’re proud of the platform we’ve built for students and teachers to engage in learning technology.

If teaching online appeals to you, read more about the Pluralsight teaching opportunity and watch the video below for a little inspiration. What are you waiting for?

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is the President/CEO of Pluralsight. He works every day to deliver more value to Pluralsight's growing number of subscribers by publishing relevant, high-quality courses each and every week along with new product features to improve the modern online learning experience.