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April 25, 2013

Watch out for these VMworld 2013 sessions

By VMworld 2013 Sessions

Just recently VMware released the list of VMworld 2013 session candidates. These submissions came from far and wide and cover a great deal of subjects, and there’s a lot of them.

VMware has always let the community have a voice in which sessions make it to the last track. Anyone with a VMworld account can log in and vote for the ones they like; the ones with the top votes become sessions during the conference. The list this year, as always, is exhaustive and it’s actually a bit of a time investment to go through each item. It’s also very easy to miss some great session proposals while scrolling through umpteen submissions.

I would like to highlight some general trends and some of the sessions I think will be of great value to people. If you have a chance to go vote, I highly recommend you do so. If not you can still refer back to this article when it comes time to book your trip to VMworld – I’m hoping these recommendations make it to the stage.

Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)

This is one of the current main trends in virtualization. Explaining SDDC itself warrants its own article (or four) so I won’t go in to too much detail on what it is. Suffice to say, it’s important, learn it. There is a very long list of SDDC submissions for VMworld 2013. Most my recommendations are from well-known, talented speakers.

Here are some of my picks for sessions:

Note: Once you get to the VMworld Session voting page, you’ll need to search by keyword, title or session number if you want to avoid scrolling through a very long list.

  • 4679 Software Defined Datacenter Design Panel for Monster VM’s: Taking the Technology to the Limits for High Utilisation, High Performance Workloads
  • 4818 The Software Defined Datacenter Panel
  • 5638 Best Practices with Software Defined Storage
  • 4529 Architecting a Software Defined Datacenter
  • 4784 Demystifying the Network on the road to the SDDC
  • 4553 Software Defined Networks
  • 4769 An Introduction to VMware’s vCloud Network and Security Virtualization Architecture and Platform as part of the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)
  • 5900 Flight Simulator for the VMware Software Defined Datacenter
  • 5048 Automating the Software Defined Data Center: How the #@$! Do I Get Started?
  • 5259 A Class on Software Defined Datacenter Architecture
  • 5074 How the Software Defined Datacenter is Turning Security on its Head


You may not it, but I’m big on certification. I think it’s an incredible way of demonstrating one’s skills. This year there were a ton of fantastic submissions pertaining to certification. I highly recommend anyone interested in obtaining the certifications listed goes and votes for these sessions!

  • 4532 The Way of the VCDX, Methodology for Design
  • 4729 Join the Network Virtualization Revolution by Becoming VMware’s Newest VCP, VCP-NV!
  • 4749 Mastering the Desktop with VMware’s Desktop Certification Program
  • 4751 Certify the Cloud with VMware
  • 4670 Behind the Scenes of VMware Certification & Education
  • 5279 The 4-Hour VCDX


Another key focus this year is on cloud and hybrid-cloud. There is a lot of great content proposed for cloud topics.

  • 4626 VMware OneCloud – Architecture and Operations Best Practices
  • 4750 How to build a hybrid cloud in less than a day
  • 4783 How To Build Your Hybrid Cloud and Consume the Public Cloud
  • 4684 Hand-on-Labs Cloud: A Performance Deep Dive
  • 4878 vCloud Director: Designing for Real World Use Cases
  • 4831 Multi-Site vCloud Challenges & Solutions
  • 5232 Using Enterprise Architecture to build a Hybrid Cloud
  • 5426 Using VMware Clouds to Accelerate Innovation in Your Business
  • 5632 VMware OneCloud Journey

“Naked” vSphere + SSO

Part of the reason I really want some of these sessions is so we can play the “naked” vSphere drinking game – every time someone says, “Naked vSphere,” take a drink! The term is used to describe basic vSphere; no add-ons, no other products, just the base vSphere stuff.

There is going to be a lot of great content at this year’s VMworld on 5.1 that I highly recommend looking into, such as vSphere Data Protection. Version 5.1 brings major change for some people, and SSO is not going away.

  • 4646 Just because you could doesn’t mean you should – Lessons learned in designing vCenter Single Sign On environment
  • 4795 vCenter & Single Sign On 5.1 Best Practices
  • 4841 From the field; Successfully designing and implementing vSphere 5.1 for High Availability
  • 4884 vSphere 5.1 Install and Upgrade Best Practices
  • 4928 vCenter Single Sign-On (SSO) High Availability Options
  • 4988 vCenter SSO – a Panel Discussion

Fun stuff and my faves

There are many sessions at VMworld that cover more than one topic or fall just outside the main themes. Some of these sessions proposed I have attended in the past or know the speakers. These are must-votes in my opinion because I have no doubt that they will be some of the best you see!

  • 4569 Ask the Expert vBloggers
  • 4570 Ask the Expert VCDX’s – Oddly enough I’m not on this panel :)
  • 4571 Ask the Experts – Storage Leaders
  • 4872 Operating and Architecting a vMSC based infrastructure
  • 4868 Top 10 design aspects for a successful virtual infrastructure in SMB segment
  • 4943 VMware High Availability Failover Capacity Demystified
  • 4995 Examining vSphere Design Through a Design Scenario
  • 5193 Everything you need to know about DRS Resource Pools
  • 5353 Mythbusting Goes Virtual
  • 5502 VMFS vs. NFS Datastores … Does it Really Matter?
  • 5725 Transform Disaster Recovery with vCenter Site Recovery Manager [Live Demo]
  • 4518 A Technical Deep Dive on NFS Network Design

Really quite the list

Thankfully they record most sessions to watch later! The list of session proposals is very long, and I’m hoping by highlighting these that they will make it through to the conference. I believe them to be fantastic content that will be informative for all. I still recommend everyone go through the list and vote for content they want to see.

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