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March 26, 2014

Why we call them ‘authors’ and why our Summit is a must-attend event


Do you know why we call the great minds behind our courses “authors,” instead of “instructors”? It’s not just because it has a nicer sound to it. It’s because a fundamental differentiator of our training compared to many of our competitors is that we only work with the industry’s absolute best to author our courses, meaning they actually write the material, not just teach it. The credibility of our author network, their knowledge of leading technologies and the way in which we work together to consistently create courses people want and need—this is how we’re able to provide the best and most-comprehensive training library around. And why we’ll continue to deliver on this promise for as long as we exist.

Simply put, without our authors, there wouldn’t be Pluralsight.

That’s why we put so much care into making the second-ever Pluralsight Author Summit a truly memorable event. A month ago, nearly 100 top developer and IT experts from around the world gathered in Salt Lake City, Utah for it. It was a weekend filled with networking, learning and fun.

The Summit took on a Bond-movie theme, complete with a top-secret invite (right) and casino night. But the main goal of the weekend was to educate authors on how they can produce better courses and be more successful as online teachers. Pluralsight leadership hosted several sessions, including VP of Open Source Geoffrey Grosenbach’s talk on teaching tech topics well, and  authors also got to vote on topics and present. If you’re an author, I strongly encourage you to attend next year if you didn’t make it this time around. And your fellow authors would agree! See below the results from a survey we sent to attendees, and check out the video above for a recap of the festivities.

Author Summit 2014 Attendee survey results:

  • 92% said they’d recommend the Summit to others
  • 92% said they were very satisfied with the event
  • 90% said they learned something new that would improve their courses
  • 98% said they plan to attend the Author Summit in the future

If you’re not a Pluralsight author but you’re passionate about technology education and want to reach students in 195 countries, consider applying to become one. Maybe I’ll see you at Author Summit 2015!

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