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August 29, 2011

Interview with Greg Shields, Microsoft MVP & VMware vExpert


Greg Shields, Microsoft MVP and VMware vExpert, is getting ready for his session, here at VMworld 2011 as I type. His session this year is titled Avoiding the 16 Biggest High-Availability and Distributed Resource Scheduler Configuration Mistakes; here’s the gist of it:

Everyone thinks HA and DRS are wonderful technologies. Yet both can be notoriously dangerous when misconfigured. Make mistakes with either, and they will take down your virtual infrastructure more quickly than you can imagine. VMware expert Greg Shields has collected 16 of the biggest mistakes he has seen in his consulting travels. In this not-to-be-missed session, Greg shares all, along with simple solutions that will keep your virtual environment healthy. Be sure not to miss this session. You will want to remote your systems immediately afterward to see if you have made these mistakes too.

When I met Greg at TechEd 2011 in Atlanta, he mentioned “the cloud” as the one thing he’s excited about this year and something IT professionals should definitely pay attention to in 2011. Because of the way that cloud computing has evolved, now is really the time that the products and services are tangible and accessible.

Check out this and Greg’s previous interview at Connections 2011 and make sure to check out his latest books and articles:

You can also follow Greg on Twitter at @concentratdgreg.

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