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August 25, 2011

Learn PowerShell: PowerShell MVP Jeff Hicks Explains Why Now is the Time


Why learn PowerShell? Isn’t it just a difficult scripting language that takes a long time to master? While some may still be saying this, most systems administrators are taking the time to learn the top IT skill of 2011: PowerShell.

In this video, PowerShell MVP Jeff Hicks, explains why 2011 is the time to learn PowerShell and how useful the knowledge of it can be in your day to day administration tasks. PowerShell is everywhere, it’s integrated in Lync, SharePoint, SQL, Exchange, Windows Server and even third-party vendors. And in case you’re a VMware user, vSphere’s PowerCLI is an extension of PowerShell, which means you need to understand PowerShell in order utilize PowerCLI. And now Cisco, Citrix and many other

Clearly, PowerShell is becoming a must-have skill for systems administrators of all types; most Microsoft products as well as many third-party tools will eventually be using it.

Future-Proof Your Career by Learning PowerShell

Jeff Hicks, a popular technical author, speaker, trainer and MVP has been an expert in PowerShell for many years. This year he’s sharing his expertise through a comprehensive course on the fundamentals of PowerShell, the first in a series of PowerShell training from TrainSignal.

Windows PowerShell Fundamentals TrainingDesigned for complete PowerShell beginners, or those with some previous knowledge of the scripting language, the course provides a thorough and easy to understand overview of PowerShell.

In over 12 hours of video training, you’ll quickly learn how to get started with PowerShell snapins, modules, objects, arrays and hash tables while mastering key cmdlets for systems administrators.

But most importantly, the training will help you build valuable skills that are highly sought after these days. As Jeff points out in our interview, “if you’re not using it now, you will be; so why put it off?”

Check out our brand new Windows PowerShell Fundamentals Training and get started today!

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