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April 21, 2011

Interview with Windows Server Guru and MVP Mark Minasi


Mastering Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2Mark Minasi is one of the most well known names in the IT industry, especially when it comes to mastering Windows. He’s the author of more than 30 technology books on Windows and Linux, including the best-selling Mastering Windows Server 2008 R2, and has been the Microsoft MVP in Directory Services for over a decade. You’ve probably seen his name in the Windows IT Pro magazine, or have seen him listed as a speaker at one of the many tech conferences he’s a part of each year.

Mark is also a pretty big deal around here; Scott Skinger, president and founder of TrainSignal, was very much influenced by Mark’s engaging and easy to understand teaching style when he began developing the first TrainSignal courses for MCSEs (anyone remember the original TrainSignal Megalab collection?).

Meeting Mark Minasi

When I first heard that I would get the chance to interview Mark at the WinConnections conference I have to admit, I was pretty nervous. I’ve done a number of interviews with technology experts, including some big names in the IT industry, but Mark was a legend around the office, he was the expert, the guru.

However, after the first minute of meeting Mark I knew I had nothing to be nervous about. Mark is extremely knowledgeable, he is “the” expert, but he’s also extremely personable and easy to talk to. He’s definitely a people person, and I encourage you to seek him out at the next conference you’re going to and introduce yourself. I promise, you’ll have one of the best conversations and you’ll probably learn more in a few minutes of talking to Mark talk than attending your next session.

So what is Mark up to next? Well, after TechEd Mark will be speaking at the TechMentor conference in Las Vegas during the second week of October, along with J. Peter Bruzzese, David Davis, Greg Sheilds, Don Jones, and many others.

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