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8 tips for landing your first IT job

With tech jobs in such high demand, it's a fantastic time to have a career in technology. Here are eight key things to keep in mind when transitioning from the classroom to the job market.

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Weekly new courses: PHP, Drupal, Photoshop & more

Callie Johnson on July 25, 2015

New training to sharpen your skills this summer.

Success Story: Ershad added Pluralsight to his CV & got hired

Lora Beros on July 24, 2015

After 10 years as an IT consultant, Ershad became interested in cloud computing and set out to change his career. Learn how he used Pluralsight to get the skills to switch jobs.

Meet new Pluralsight author Simon Allardice

Geoffrey Grosenbach on July 23, 2015

Simon Allardice, one of the world's best teachers of development-related topics, takes a few minutes to talk to us about teaching, development, Apple and music.

4 ways to recharge at work (without sneaking a power nap)

Stacy Warden on July 22, 2015

You shouldn’t have to tune out to truly tune in. We’ve rounded up several ideas that you can use to unwind while on the clock, without ever having to set an alarm.

Learning Path: iOS Developer

Amelia White on July 22, 2015

While committing to the first version of the iOS development kit was a bit of a risk, it's plain good sense to learn iOS development today. Here's a list of courses to get you started.

Hadoop: The ultimate list of frameworks

Thomas Henson on July 21, 2015

Understanding the Hadoop ecosystem can make you very valuable. Here's a quick list of frameworks to get you started.

Learning Path: VMware vSphere 6 Data Center Virtualization (VCP6-DCV)

Don Jones on July 20, 2015

This 11-course series on Data Center Virtualization will help you prepare for VMware's VCP6-DCV certification.

Weekly new courses: vSphere 6, Meteor.js, IPv6, Ethical Hacking & more

Whitney Larsen on July 18, 2015

Ready to make this summer count? See our new courses.

Developers: This is why you need to ditch your morning checklist  

Adam Bertram on July 16, 2015

Your morning checklist may seem helpful, but it's not actually doing you any favors. We take a look at a better way to monitor your systems.

Promotion checklist: 10 things every IT pro should know

Pluralsight on July 15, 2015

You don’t have to be Machiavellian to get promoted, but you do need to be proactive about your career goals. Use this checklist to make sure you're on the right track.

Team Foundation Server: Tips for the individual developer

Michael Simmons on July 14, 2015

If you're working as a one-man operation, here's what you should know before diving into Team Server Foundation.

Camp Pluralsight: a summer of skills

Callie Johnson on July 13, 2015

Camp Pluralsight, a six-week online camp filled with challenges, prizes and free training, is here. Get registered!

VMware cloud certifications: Everything you need to know right now

Sean Wilkins on July 13, 2015

As the cloud continues to evolve, so do the popular services and certifications that go along with it. Check here for everything you should know right now about VMware's latest updates, exams and certifications.

Weekly new courses: Go, iOS, .NET & more

Callie Johnson on July 11, 2015

Check out the courses recently added to the Pluralsight library.

Space-age tech mom: an interview with Linda Wendler

Lindsay Lauck on July 10, 2015

At Pluralsight’s 2015 Author Summit, I had the pleasure of interviewing course authors for our Women in Technology series. While chatting with author and BI expert Stacia Misner Varga, I learned an interesting fact: technology runs in her family. Yes, Stacia grew up with techie parents. In fact, her mother was a developer in the ’60s […]

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