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Managers: Stop trying to control everything and do this instead

Giving up command and control in favor of trust and autonomy can be a scary thing, especially if you're a manager steeped in traditional methods. Here's why you should do it anyway.

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Success story: Why Alex chooses Pluralsight

Whitney Larsen on April 1, 2015

As a Senior Solution Architect, Alex G understands the fast-paced demands of the ever-changing tech industry. To keep up, he looked to Pluralsight to help him become a Citrix Certified Administrator and Advanced Administrator, as well as advance his VMware knowledge. Alex sites Pluralsight’s authors as his favorite part of the training due to their […]

Is it time to part ways?

Aaron Skonnard on March 31, 2015

Read about three ways that leaders can make the difficult task of letting someone go clearer and easier for everyone involved

Pluralsight Playlists: Crunch time tunes

Lora Beros on March 30, 2015

March Madness may be crunch time for college basketball players, but tech pros feel pressure all year round. To make it through the tough times without breaking a sweat, we've put together a Pluralsight Playlist full of jams to pump you up!

Proposal writing: 4 ways to emphasize value over cost

Alan Ackmann on March 30, 2015

Persuading people to spend money isn't always the easiest task. This quick list of tips looks at how a well-crafted proposal can help you overcome that hurdle.

Weekly new courses: MySQL, CodedUI, PMP® & more

Sonal Amin on March 27, 2015

Get a head start on showcasing your skills and tap into our courses for the week.

How to handle the dreaded cover letter

Stacy Warden on March 27, 2015

If you hate writing cover letters, this post is for you. We clear up some of the confusion surrounding what tech pros should and shouldn't include.

5 toxic workplace habits and how to break them

Stacy Warden on March 26, 2015

We all have bad habits, but some of these toxic behaviors can cost us our jobs. Here are five that you should break right now.

Can you protect any file with Azure RMS?

Mary Branscombe on March 25, 2015

You shouldn't have to get hacked before you start thinking about the vulnerability of your confidential company documents. We take a look at how Azure Rights Management Service can help you keep you keep that important information in check.

Own it—Add your course completions and assessment certifications to your LinkedIn profile

Lindsay Lauck on March 24, 2015

We believe you should showcase your commitment to learning when and where you can. Pluralsight Plus users can now easily post course completion information and assessment credentials to their LinkedIn profiles. Learn all about it here.

Top books to prepare you for leadership

Aaron Skonnard on March 24, 2015

Learn about some of the business books that have been the most influential to Pluralsight’s leadership team in helping to shape the direction of the company

Author Summit 2015 recap: Brilliant minds & bright ideas

Aaron Skonnard on March 24, 2015

This year's Author Summit was a blast. When you get that many bright minds together—all aligned around a mission to democratize professional learning—big things happen.

Why you need to start practicing emotional hygiene

Keith Sparkjoy on March 23, 2015

Emotional hygiene plays a pivotal role in both our personal and professional lives. Here's what it is and how you can start practicing it right now.

Weekly new courses: vSphere, Powershell, Resume tips & more

Sonal Amin on March 20, 2015

We have a few new courses for you to check out in our library. Get started now.

Learning Path: Design and Implement Server Infrastructure (Microsoft 70-413)

Don Jones on March 19, 2015

This learning path is intended for Microsoft IT Professionals seeking certification, as well as basic job skills applicable to administration in a Microsoft client/server environment.

An inside look at the MCSE questions

Lindsay Lauck on March 19, 2015

Microsoft’s chief psyhcometircian, Liberty Munson, gives us an in-depth look at the MCSE and why some of the best candidates don't make the cut.