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VMware | Workstation 9

VMware’s new recertification policy: What does it mean for you?

Since VMware announced that its VCP certification is no longer valid for life, and now expires every two years, there has been plenty of debate in forums and blog posts surrounding this decision. There are many who viewed the change as necessary and even desirable, while others noted flaws that make it more harmful than useful. So what is this new policy and how will it impact your certs?

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Book review: ‘Create Mobile Games with Corona’

Lynn Greiner on April 15, 2014

Since mobile gaming is so hot, it's no surprise that programmers and gamers of all skill levels want to build their own and share the wealth. Silvia Domenech’s book, "Create Mobile Games with Corona: Build with Lua on iOS and Android," aims to help with that. This review will tell you if the book, written by a veteran game programmer, is worth your time.

Help us celebrate our birthday and you could win big!

Lora Beros on April 11, 2014

Pluralsight is turning 10 years old on April 23, and we’re really excited about this milestone! It wouldn't be a proper birthday celebration without our fans and subscribers. Since you're located all over the world, an in-person party is out of the question, but we thought of another way to make this soiree global. Participate in the birthday fun and you could even win some sweet prizes!

How to unit test databases

Dave Green on April 11, 2014

So you already know that you should be unit testing your databases, and now you're ready to start. But the problem is you aren't entirely sure how to. Use these answers to common questions about unit testing databases to learn how you can get started with performing them yourself.

Weekly new courses: Spring Security, C#, MongoDB and more

Manya Susoev on April 10, 2014

It's been a big week for the Pluralsight community. Yesterday we announced that we've acquired Digital-Tutors, the premier online training company for today’s tech-oriented creative professionals! But even with all the celebrating, we were still able to keep our course production on schedule. Check out all the fresh courses we've released in the past week.

Learning Path: Front End Web Development

Geoffrey Grosenbach on April 10, 2014

Although it started life as an afterthought in the Netscape web browser, JavaScript is now the most widely deployed language in the world. Available in every web browser and on many servers as well, your career as a developer will probably include writing at least a few lines of JavaScript.

Heartbleed bug: What you need to know

Troy Hunt on April 10, 2014

Massive. Huge. Catastrophic. These are the words being used in headlines to describe the Heartbleed bug, and the articles they lead are basically declaring that internet security as we know it is dead. What is the Heartbleed bug and is it really that bad? Here's everything that you need to know.

Media, learners react to Digital-Tutors acquisition news

Manya Susoev on April 9, 2014

It's been an exciting day for us. This morning we announced our acquisition of Digital-Tutors, which means our training library has doubled and now includes 3,000 courses! Combining forces with Digital-Tutors has been our biggest move to date, and we're so grateful for how our community has reacted to the news. Here's some of the news coverage and a few favorite tweets about the Pluralsight and Digital-Tutors announcement.

Pluralsight acquires Digital-Tutors to bring you 1,500+ creative skills courses

Aaron Skonnard on April 9, 2014

What technical resources do companies need to succeed in 2014? Certainly, they need highly skilled developers and IT admins, the backend wizards who set up the systems and write the code that power the most innovative businesses of today. But what about the frontend, the creative imagery and user experience that moves customers to interact with and purchase your product? With nearly 1,500 courses today, Pluralsight aims to fulfill your dev and IT training needs, but we’re excited to announce we aren’t stopping there. We’ve recently acquired Digital-Tutors, the premier online training company for today’s tech-oriented creative professionals!

4 ways to launch your product inside a big company

Paul Ballard on April 8, 2014

By now most of us have heard the story of how one man's puzzle game called Flappy Bird netted him bazillions of dollars or how a geek named Mark Zuckerberg catapulted his way to hoodied nerd history. But not every developer is out there going at it alone. While we might idealize the rugged individualist programmer, many of us work as a part of a team inside giant beasts known as corporations. So what happens if you have a great idea for a product but want to build it while still taking advantage of your employer's 401(k) matching program?

4 time management tips for remote workers

Adam Bertram on April 7, 2014

So you’ve finally achieved the freedom that comes with working remotely. Congratulations! Whether the Man is letting out some slack on your leash and allowing you to work from home, or you’re out begging for contracts as an independent freelancer, working remotely has some unique challenges.

VIDEO: Best practices for MySQL query optimization

Manya Susoev on April 5, 2014

In this free clip from MySQL Query Optimization and Performance Tuning, Pinal Dave explains the best practices for keeping your queries optimized.

How to shift roles with an evolving job market

Sean Wilkins on April 4, 2014

As most people who work in technology fields know, things change, and often they change quickly. It's easy to become comfortable in a specific role or position and forget about the world outside your zone. This is why it's important to keep tabs on trends in your field and the ones around them, even they don't directly involve you. Let's take a look at some of the methods that can be used to maintain proficiency in both your current position and those in the future.

Build day 2: It’s all about Azure

Paul Ballard on April 3, 2014

Day two of the Microsoft Build conference started with a keynote that was all about Azure and how Microsoft is reaching out with their online services to platforms beyond Windows. Throughout the presentations, there were as many as 44 different announcements of either new Azure features or features previously in beta being made generally available. Let's go through some of the notable topics that were covered.

2014 MVPs and vExperts, get free training from Pluralsight

Manya Susoev on April 3, 2014

Congratulations to this year's MVPs and vExperts! To recognize your valuable work, we're giving you access to our entire training library! Pluralsight's special gift to you is one year of free, unlimited dev and IT training.

Best of Microsoft Build 2014: Free webinar

Dana Gagnon on April 3, 2014

In this free webinar, Microsoft Regional Director and MVP Brian Noyes will discuss the most notable things he learned at Build, including the new unified XAML framework for building phone, tablet, desktop and Xbox apps from a single XAML and code base. Register today, as seats are limited to the first 100 attendees only!