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December 13, 2011

Geek gift guide 2011


We’ve all seen the geek gift guides put out by major publications. Somehow all geeks, regardless of their connection to technology, like star wars legos, rubix cubes, and light-up keychains. Seriously? Not here. Not us.

Many geeks appreciate well-designed, thoughtful products. We know this because it’s our bottom line. So here’s our gift guide for classy geeks.

Gifts from


The IT Crowd, Season 1

Unfortunately, this is about stereotypical nerds. Fortunately, it’s awesomely hilarious.

Worther Shorty Mechanical Pencil
Writing is much more fun with a beautiful pencil. Available in black, grey, or yellow.

The Wisdom of Crowds

Both a classic and a quick read, this entertaining book is for entrepreneurs, sociologists, and deep thinkers of all kinds.

Branch Earphone Splitter

Split your music between three people. Useful for those cramped international plane flights to the next tech conference.

Whisky Stones

These bad boys will keep your whisky chilled without watering it down? Oh, buddy.

How to Booze

Exquisite Cocktails and other Unsound Advice humorously suggests matching beverages for any social situation.

Gifts from


PowerCup Mobile Inverter

Until Apple makes a power adapter for your car, this is the best way to stay energized on the road.

Juice Pack Reserver

We don’t mind a keychain when it’s this useful! Carry an extra charge for your portable Apple products.

UBoard Smart

Keeping your desk orderly isn’t quite as important as having a place for your phone, coffee, tea, and three USB devices.

Braid Wood Puzzle

A brain teaser in 6 or 12 pieces.

Pig’s Nose 5 Year Scotch

Not all scotch has to be serious. Recommended by our marketing department.

Gifts from


Wood iPad 2 Case

Nothing goes together like machined aluminum and solid wood.

Four Scrabble Letter Pillows

With letters in solid black felt.

Gifts from


Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones

Soft and cushy on the ears, tiny for travel, beautiful looking, and noise isolating. Yes, yes, and yes.

Link LED Task Lamp

Move this guy anywhere. With 360° swivel, 15 high-power LED lights, and only 7.5 watts.

Espresso Machine with Integrated Grinder

Run it on automatic for a cup in the morning and graduate to manual for an evening sip. An integrated grinder means maximum flavor every time.

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