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June 11, 2012

New York Pluralsight Study Group


We’re excited to see the first community-driven Pluralsight “study group” come to life in New York!  The group was organized by Wayne Richmond and Boulos Dib, developers from New York who routinely get together for lunch to discuss the Pluralsight courses they’re watching. Given how helpful those discussions have been, they wanted to take it one step further by organizing a community study group for anyone in New York.

The New York Pluralsight Study Group website describes their mission as follows:

The New York Pluralsight Study Group was started for the express purpose of gathering developers together on a weekly basis to watch, discuss and learn from Pluralsight’s vast library of training.   We are supported by Pluralsight in our efforts and sponsored by Microsoft who is generously providing our meeting facilities.

We meet at the Microsoft offices in mid-town Manhattan once a week to study.   The general format is to spend approximately one hour watching a pluralsight training video followed by 20 minutes to 1/2 hour of round table discussion of the video we saw along with a review of the code if applicable.

For each Pluralsight course we choose to watch will get broken down into approximately  one hour segments.   We will then post all of those weekly sessions on this meet-up site.   Members can sign up for as many sessions as they can attend.   This way, if there are sessions that members can not attend, the content we will cover is outlined on the meet up site so members can watch them using their Pluralsight account at their own leisure.

We are happy to support these types of community-driven groups and we’re excited to see how the New York study group continues to evolve. If you’re interested in starting your own local Pluralsight study group, email and check out our user group and community events sponsorship page.

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