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July 9, 2013

Online Education’s Millionaire Teacher


ScottAllenThe world of online education is changing drastically. While some educators are reluctant to become online teachers, our very own Scott Allen wasn’t afraid to dive in and become our First Millionaire Teacher.

Like most educators, this was not an overnight success. Scott was sharing his knowledge offline – in traditional classroom training environments – for years. After watching education change, through his association with Pluralsight, he realized the next opportunity was to create online video courses to share his knowledge with, not just an individual or a small room of people, but the entire world. This move has led to significant financial returns for Scott.

Since he has been a part of Pluralsight, Scott has earned more than $1.8 million in royalties and fees, and is on track to earn more than $1 million in 2013 alone!

“It has been thrilling to be a part of Pluralsight’s momentum in recent years. The staff and students in the Pluralsight community have provided an ideal forum for my particular field of interest, which is becoming very popular as more coders and programmers find success in today’s job market. I’m grateful to get the chance to contribute to the careers of my students” said Scott

Scott’s leading courses are in high demand, covering topics like C#, jQuery, and CSS. And it doesn’t stop there, he also has courses on Bootstrap, ASP.NET, HTTP and more.

onlineeducation In 2013 alone, Pluralsight instructors will take home over $5 million in royalty income. Pluralsight’s top 5 instructors will earn an average of $400,000 this year for their courses.   The average annual royalties across all 125+ Pluralsight instructors is over $40,000 this year.

With royalties comes hard work. For each hour of content we publish, it could take the instructor anywhere from 10 to 20+ hours to create. Nevertheless, Pluralsight is consistently proving that online educators have compelling opportunities available to them in this new digital world.  Six figure incomes are within reach of anyone who can produce educational videos that catch the attention of Pluralsight’s paid subscriber community.

Do you have what it takes to be a millionaire online educator?  Find out by reading about the Pluralsight Author Opportunity. Download the official press release here.

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