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Congrats to CEO Aaron Skonnard on Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in Utah

By krystyl on June 21, 2013

Its been an absolutely tremendous year here at Pluralsight. Our very own CEO Aaron Skonnard was nominated for an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for the state of Utah and won in the Consumer Products & Distribution category! Aaron was selected as one of 25 finalists, and recognized for not only the [...]

The Pluralsight Christmas Party 2012

By marisparkjoy on December 13, 2012

The Utah staff and their guests joined together for dinner and fun at Corbin’s restaurant.  It was a celebration of a great year with a great company.  Thank you Pluralsight for your generous spirit and fantastic fun of the last year. We are looking forward to what the future brings.

Photo of the Week — Pranks in the Office

By marisparkjoy on November 16, 2012

 The office team play pranks on each other all of the time.  This look like Raisinette’s and  a toilet seat cover.  Stay tuned for more silliness.

Photo of the Week — The Extent That Some People Go To Get Candy…

By marisparkjoy on October 31, 2012

Sales guy, James Cole celebrates Halloween in the office.  At least I hope that is James.

Photo of the Week — And You Think YOUR Office Mates Are Catty

By marisparkjoy on October 26, 2012

[slideshow] A family of Bobcats spent the entire day in CTO Keith Brown’s California backyard.   Keith’s home office has a view of the ducks, rabbits, lizards and squirrels that are regular visitors to his yard. 

Photo of the Week — Content Team Gets High

By marisparkjoy on October 17, 2012

[slideshow] The content team hiked to Lake Blanche in the beautiful Wasatch Mountains.  They climbed to 9000 feet and enjoyed the turning leaves and glorious colors of fall.

Photo of the Week — Starting Them Early

By marisparkjoy on October 10, 2012

  Steve Woolley, the Director of Marketing at Pluralsight, is presenting at  North Layton Junior High’s Career Day.  It looks like Steve is trying to turn the whole 7th grade into Pluralsight groupies.

Photo of the Week — Up Against The Wall!

By marisparkjoy on October 5, 2012

[slideshow] The Pluralsight Logos have finally been installed inside the office. It  feels like we have unpacked all of the boxes and are completely home.

Photo of the Week — Do You Hear What I Hear?

By marisparkjoy on September 26, 2012

Fritz Onion practices his guitar after a long day.  Fritz is a accomplished musician and it is a treat to hear him play. Click here if you want to hear more.

Photos from the Pluralsight MVP Summit Breakfast

By Aaron Skonnard on March 2, 2012

We had a great time seeing all of our MVP authors, and meeting new potential authors, at the Pluralsight MVP Author and Recruiting Breakfast this week in Bellevue. Here are a few photos we snapped. Feel free to tag yourself if we haven’t already. Thanks for coming and we’ll see you at the next event!