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Tag: Spring MVC 2 posts

New course: Spring with JPA and Hibernate

By Megan Russell on April 10, 2013

Bryan Hansen has just published a new course: Spring with JPA and Hibernate One of the pros of Java is also one of the cons of Java and that is the availability of third party frameworks to aid in development. Hibernate helped to solve a long standing problem of Object-Relational-Mapping or Mismatch and made data [...]

Video: Teach Your Website Spanish with Spring MVC and Interceptors

By Paul Ballard on February 11, 2013

Using Interceptors in MVC Spring is a useful way to extend the functionality of your website.  In this video excerpt from Bryan Hansen’s new course Introduction to Spring MVC you’ll see how to use an interceptor to establish the language to display on a website based on user selection.  In the full course Bryan covers [...]