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January 29, 2009

Train Signal Gives Back With Help From ShoeMoney


We’re big ShoeMoney fans here at Train Signal, so when we saw the announcement Jeremy Schoemaker made about his t-shirt auction for charity we jumped right on board!

The auction specified that the winner will send 3 t-shirts for Jeremy to wear at the Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas. And although we won the auction at $5,200.00 we decided to donate $10,000.00 for this great cause. All the money went to the National Breast Cancer Foundation via the Affiliate Marketers Give Back.

Above from left: Shawn Collins, Missy Ward, Jeremy Schoemaker, Iman Jalali and Scott Skinger

Above from left: Shawn Collins, Missy Ward, Jeremy Schoemaker, Iman Jalali and Scott Skinger

And ShoeMoney kept his word and wore our Train Signal t-shirt the entire time we were in Vegas! Pretty cool, huh? He even had it on when he met Floyd Mayweather!

Above: Jeremy Schoemaker with Floyd Mayweather

Above: Jeremy Schoemaker with Floyd Mayweather

Train Signal’s Affiliate Program

So you may be wondering why we chose Affiliate Marketers Give Back and ShoeMoney’s t-shirt auction to donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. And you’re right, we could have donated in a number of different ways. However supporting affiliate marketers, even through simple gestures like this opportunity to give back is something that we’re dedicated to.

Don’t get me wrong, fighting breast cancer is a cause that’s near and dear to our hearts and we saw this as a great opportunity to be a part of it. But working with Jeremy Schoemaker, Missy Ward and Shawn Collins provided us with a chance to get to know affiliate marketers and show our support.

We recently re-launched our affiliate program and everything — the Affiliate Summit, ShoeMoney’s auction and the Affiliate Marketers Give Back — seemed to come together at the right time for us. And as we searched for a way to promote our affiliate program this just seemed like the best way to do it.

Our new and improved affiliate program is a great opportunity for anyone with a website to advertise Train Signal products and earn a 20% commission on every sale. You can learn more about our affiliate program here:

And if you are an affiliate marketer make sure to check out ShoeMoney, Affiliate Marketers Give Back, Missy and Affiliate Tip.

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