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March 22, 2012

vCloud Director Essentials Training

By vCloud Director Essentials Training

A private cloud can drive your vSphere resources even faster through VMware vCloud Director. By laying vCD over your vSphere Enterprise environment you are moving IT resources to an on-demand, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model. Hybrid cloud computing provides a consistent user experience between private clouds and public clouds, and access to IT resources via self-service. This new course is for anyone who wants to learn about vCloud Director and cloud computing basics, and ideally for VMware Admins wanting leverage their existing environment. vCloud Director Essentials features virtualization superhero David Davis teaching the main concepts of cloud computing, how they evolve the datacenter, and how implementing vCloud Director will improve scalability in your private cloud.

vCloud Director Essentials Training Available Now

VMware vCloud Director Essentials

vCloud Director Essentials by David Davis teaches you cloud computing concepts, how they evolve the datacenter, and how implementing vCloud Director will improve scalability for your private cloud.

Using vCloud Director allows an admin to deploy custom-built services with the click of a button. It sits on top of vSphere Enterprise Plus, fostering the potential for using a hybrid cloud. Learn how to use the cloud and make your business more agile with these lessons:

  • Cloud Computing Concepts: IaaS, SaaS, PaaS; Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud
  • vCloud Director Lab Building
  • Managing & Monitoring vCD Resources
  • Installation, Setup, Architecture & Components
  • Guest Lesson! vExpert Jake Robinson with a real-world enterprise implementation of vCD

Watch the lesson where David answers the question, “What is Cloud Computing?

VMware cloud computing services can do more than just consolidate. vCloud allows for infrastructures that are flexible to business, cost-efficient, and build on existing investments.

Using vCloud Director on top of vSphere Enterprise environments opens the possibility for a hybrid cloud infrastructure (private & public). A cloud infrastrcture with this level of agility will support IT resources on-demand through virtual datacenters.

Since vCloud Director sits on top of your vSphere environment, you can manage policy, resources and security of your hybrid cloud with the click of a button. Watch vCloud Director Essentials and see what cloud computing can really do you for your organization.

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