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June 14, 2013

PowerShell crash course: Introduction to scripting security


Check out this quick scripting overview from our PowerShell 3.0 Essentials training because when it comes to script security, you’ll need to know how and to use and set up execution policy.

Execution policy

Execution policy focuses on unintended or accidental script execution. However, it does not prevent bad commands from being entered interactively by multiple users; if you have permissions, priveleges and a prompt, PowerShell will do what you tell it to do. So really, PowerShell security settings are like covers on a launch switch for scripts.

  • Script execution policy is disabled by default.
  • Execution policies can be set by scope.
  • Get-ExecutionPolicy displays current policy, and Set-ExecutionPolicy configures policy.
  • You can also use group policy.

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