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February 16, 2009

Free Server 2008 Training: Windows Server 2008 RODC – Read Only Domain Controllers


What is an RODC? When do you use it? How do you use it?

These are just some of things we’re going to be covering today. I will also explain the requirements for an RODC and walk you through the steps to deploy RODC on your server.

Here’s what’s covered in today’s video:

  • What is an RODC — RODC allows users to authenticate against a read only copy of the Active Directory in a remote location; I’ll explain in detail when it is best to use RODC
  • Advantages of RODC — I’ll also go over the main advantages of using RODC, whether you can use it with Server Core and what you can do to increase protection
  • Deploying RODC — next we’ll go over what you need to install RODC and all the steps involved in doing a full installation
  • RODC Role Installation — using our Verde Petra scenario we will go ahead and install the RODC role on our server so you can see all the steps in action
  • Password Replication Policy — you get to decide who gets to log in to the RODC and who does not so here I’ll show you how to specify the Password Replication Policy
  • Pre-Populating a Password — next we’re going to pre-populate our RODC with a password from one of the employees from our scenario

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